Report: Dem-Aligned Group Tries Burying Poll Showing Most Americans Oppose Trans Procedures On Children

Report: Dem-Aligned Group Tries Burying Poll Showing Most Americans Oppose Trans Procedures On Children

A Democrat-aligned group is “keeping quiet” the results of a survey it conducted showing that most Americans, by far, oppose invasive gender surgeries and procedures on children.

The Daily Mail reported that it “gained access” to an invitation-only web event hosted by San Francisco-based Change Research, where officials revealed the new poll results. The outlet also reported that group leaders were then “privately hatching plans to ‘educate’ the public by ‘rebranding puberty blockers.’”

Change Research specializes in conducting predominantly online surveys and has played a pivotal role in gathering valuable insights for various Democratic political candidates, as well as esteemed organizations such as the NAACP and AFL–CIO, The Daily Wire noted separately, adding:

The Mail also said they were invited to join the webinar, then uninvited, but “we attended anyway, after registering with a personal email address.” What’s more, the U.K. paper reported that the group’s marketing chief, Molly McInerney, said they would “not be making these results widely available” and asked attendees not to “share these findings.” The Mail also reported that the firm had already declined the paper’s request to see the findings before the webinar.

“The webinar indicated that Change Research wanted to conceal its results — with the stated goal of reshaping US attitudes on gender ideology and trans treatments on kids,” the UK outlet added.

According to the group’s survey, a significant majority (60 percent) of Americans hold the belief that sex is determined at birth and remains unchangeable. Furthermore, the survey revealed that 56 percent of respondents are against the idea of administering puberty blockers to children, while 60 percent expressed their opposition to surgeries aimed at altering one’s sex, such as breast removal.

Only about one-third of the 1,200 people polled backed sex reassignment surgeries for children, a number that is way too high, frankly.

However, the survey results also indicated that Americans exhibited a reasonable approach to the issue. The respondents displayed a willingness to support children receiving sex-reassignment counseling, as long as parents were involved in the process. Additionally, they expressed openness towards other treatments, provided that they were reversible in nature, the Daily Wire noted.

The majority of those polled opposed “‘permanent” or “physical, non-reversible changes to the body.”

“It means butchering a human body to try and change a person’s sex as determined by the CHROMOSOMES through biology,” one respondent said. “A person is and always shall be the sex assigned by their chromosomes, and nothing will change that.”

The Daily Wire noted further that pollsters for the organization encouraged people to essentially change terms and wording — a typical left-wing tactic — to avoid transparency and the stigma of supporting the butchering of a child’s sex organs:

Lead pollster Betsy App called the results “bad news.” “I want to give us all a reality check,’ App reportedly told the online session. “We are facing an uphill battle when it comes to voters’ fundamental beliefs about the relationship between sex and gender.”

App, a mother of three including a “gender creative first-grader,” told the online session they need to use the term “gender affirming care,” calling it a “great term that we should continue using” because it resonates with the public.

But she said “puberty blockers” should be abandoned. “One of the key next steps is rebranding puberty blockers,” she said. “This is a term that’s not doing us any favors.”


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