REPORT: China’s Increased Purchases of COVID-19 Lab Equipment Shows Virus ‘Spreading Virulently’ as Early as Summer 2019

REPORT: China’s Increased Purchases of COVID-19 Lab Equipment Shows Virus ‘Spreading Virulently’ as Early as Summer 2019

A study conducted by Internet 2.0 reveals groundbreaking revelations about Wuhan and the novel coronavirus. Primarily, research indicates the virus was likely spreading through Wuhan, China, as early as the summer of 2019.

The study reports in its Introduction, “Public assessment of the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic has focused heavily on public statements and interview. Internet 2.0, specializing in digital forensics and intelligence analysis, has instead elected to evaluate information on actions undertaken by the Government of China.”

“This study has no insights into the origins of COVID-19, however we have come to the conclusion that based on the data analysed it suggests the virus was highly likely to be spreading virulently in Wuhan, China as early as the summer of 2019 and definitely by the early Autumn.”

The study states they came to the bombshell conclusion through “a robust and exhaustive assessment of Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China PCR procurement contracts (open-source research methods) that demonstrated a dramatic increase in total Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) procurement contracts and contract value in the second half of 2019.”

“PCR equipment is ubiquitous in laboratories and is used to research DNA and genes at a molecular level. Real time PCR systems have been used widely to identify and categorise variants of the COVID-19 virus” states the study which collected “all online searchable PCR procurements in Hubei Province from 2007 to 2019.”

On Background, the study writes, “the lack of publicly available data concerning COVID-19 origins and patients in 2019 has led our team to ask whether we can answer questions using open-source research methods. Internet 2.0’s Advanced Practice team has expertise in analyzing and assessing data from a wide range of sources particularly from China and we therefore asked whether we could apply these skills for the public’s interest.”

“Our aim is to provide another perspective and help contribute to the on-going investigation using data and insights derived only from this open-source procurement data. This study aims to investigate and understand the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China through a quantitative analysis of all open-source Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China PCR procurement contracts.”

During the study, “we have also identified notable, significant and abnormal 2019 purchases of PCR equipment in Wuhan by the People’s Liberation Army Airborne Army Hospital (May 2019), The Wuhan Institute of Virology (Nov 2019), the Wuhan University of Science and Technology (Oct 2019) and the Hubei Province Districts Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (May-Dec 2019).”


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