Rep Jim Jordan demands AG Garland turn over documents related to Mar-a-Lago raid, Project Veritas

Rep Jim Jordan demands AG Garland turn over documents related to Mar-a-Lago raid, Project Veritas

Rep. Jim Jordan sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding that the Department of Justice provide documents regarding the DHS’s targetting of Project Veritas, as well as the raid on Donald Trump’s residency in Mar-a-Lago this past August.

Jordan said that the House Committee on the Judiciary, of which Jordan is a Ranking Member, is “conducting oversight of the Department of Justice’s operations and actions concerning various matters.”

The letter continues: “As a part of this oversight, Committee Republicans have sent letters to Departmental components requesting documents and information on several issues, including but not limited to the Department’s targeting of journalists with Project Veritas, the shuttering of the Department’s China Initiative, the Department’s one-sided enforcement of the FACE Act, and the Department’s unprecedented raid on President Trump’s residence.”

Jordan wrote: “The American people deserve transparency and accountability from our most senior law-enforcement official in the executive branch… Committee Republicans intend to continue to examine these matters, including into the 118th Congress if necessary.”

Jordan said that the materials should be provided to the committee by November 16, 2022 and that the department should “preserve all existing and future records and materials in your possession relating to the topics addressed in this letter.”

According to The Post Millennial, requests from June 8, 2021, include explanations from the Justice Department as to their “current efforts to identify and prosecute individuals involved in the assaults of Mr. Andy Ngo and other journalists in violation of federal statutes securing their civil rights,” and how the Justice Department is working with federal and state law enforcement agencies to prevent “individuals from engaging in violence and intimidation designed to impair the free exercise and enjoyment of rights and privileges that Mr. Andy Ngo and other journalists possess under the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

The requests relate to the FBI’s raid of Project Veritas over Ashley Biden’s diary.

The requests include information on how the FBI became aware of the diary, the “factual and legal predicate for the FBI to conduct raids at the homes of James O’Keefe and other current or former journalists or employees of Project Veritas,” the obtaining of the subpoena, and other documents related to the raid.


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