Prominent GOP Donor Will Not Support Current Chair Ronna McDaniel, Endorses Harmeet Dhillon

Prominent GOP Donor Will Not Support Current Chair Ronna McDaniel, Endorses Harmeet Dhillon

Former HCSS CEO and Republican donor Mike Rydin released a statement on Monday, which made clear that he will support Harmeet Dhillon for Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair, over incumbent Ronna McDaniel.

The statement, which was sent to all members of the RNC, made clear that he believed the Republican Party was losing to the Democrats, who he says have outsmarted the GOP at every turn. He is the latest big donor to back away from supporting the party’s current chair, with Dick Uihlein of Uline and Home Depot’s Bernie Marcus also backing Dhillon.

Rydin said that the “Democratic Party that is trying to destroy this country.”

He wrote, “Why can you not see that?  You are like the frog that sits in water waiting to be boiled. Our country is never going back to the good old days where you can do nothing of substance, run stupid and often insulting TV ads, and still win. The Democratic Party machine has outsmarted you every step of the way and the same RNC chair who cannot figure out how to win against the worst possible candidates imaginable is not going to save this country.”

He continues: “Perhaps you could be excused for losing the 2020 election because we were taken by surprise. There is no excuse to have done so poorly in the midterm election. The Party needs new leadership. A good leader doesn’t continually make excuses – they just figure out how to get the job done.”

“We need a leader with the legal experience and expertise to beat the Democrats at their own games, and I think Harmeet Dhillon is that leader,” Rydin said.

“And perhaps you think it doesn’t matter whether we win or not because regardless of which party is in power, life will continue to get better and better here in the US for you and your children. Perhaps you think that massive illegal immigration with no checks on who comes into this country isn’t important. Perhaps you think that begging dictators for energy doesn’t matter, or that an educational system that pushes propaganda and silences any opposing thought instead of teaching critical thinking and useful subjects doesn’t matter. What about encouraging kids to attempt to change their gender at an early age and systematically trying to get white people and people of color to hate each other with CRT?  The list goes on.

“The people who are trying to destroy this country know what they are doing and too many in our party are clueless. We need a leader who understands why this is happening, how to fight it, and who wants to fight it. This leader is Harmeet Dhillon,” he wrote.

“I am now telling other large donors to quit giving to the RNC and instead give to organizations that actually make a difference. It would be really nice if you could make a change that would give Republicans across the nation the confidence to invest in the RNC again. Currently, the RNC is a poor investment for most of America,” the statement concluded.


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