Pride, Patriotism Has Cratered In Joe Biden's America: Poll

Pride, Patriotism Has Cratered In Joe Biden's America: Poll

Not only are Americans suffering economically under President Joe Biden, but they are also experiencing a crisis of patriotism.

According to a new Fox News survey, more Americans have less faith in their country now that at any time in recent history.

Released Thursday, the survey asked registered voters, “Are you proud of the country today?” Just 39 percent responded “yes,” and that is a 12-point decline from June 2017, the last time the question was asked by the network.

The current figure is also down 30 points since June 2011.

Fox News reported that the question has only been asked four times, but the latest results mark the first time that a majority of Americans are disappointed in their country: 56 percent are not proud, up from 45 percent in 2017 and 28 percent in 2011.

Percent of Americans who are proud of the United States

The network adds:

Independents and Republicans reversed their positions since 2017, while formerly “not proud” Democrats are now on the fence.

In 2017, Republicans (by a 31-point margin) and independents (by 4 points) were proud.  Today, both groups feel disenchanted with the country, GOPers by 24 points and independents by 35.

Democrats were 17 points more likely to be disappointed in the country in 2017, while now they split: 46% are proud and 48% aren’t.

In addition, men changed their opinions. While they were more likely to be proud of America in 2017 by 22 points, today, they are more not proud by 14 points. Women, meanwhile, who were dissatisfied in 2017 remain so today as well, only by a much wider margin — they are not proud by 9 points five years ago versus 21 points today.

Also, black voters remained in the “not proud” category, but the margin is actually shrinking: Five years ago they were not proud by a 28-point margin while today it is only a 9-point difference.

“The opposite is true of Hispanic voters, who moved from proud of the U.S. by 18 points in 2017 to not proud by 24 points today,” Fox News reported.

Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who conducts the Fox News poll with Republican Daron Shaw, said: “Whereas once being proud of America was treated as a prerequisite for being patriotic, that too has been subsumed by partisanship. It seems for many pride and patriotism are no longer about our democratic freedoms but about the person in the White House.”


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