'President Is Compromised': GOP Leader Says Biden Family Has Made $40M Worth of Deals With Foreign Entities

'President Is Compromised': GOP Leader Says Biden Family Has Made $40M Worth of Deals With Foreign Entities

he current first family is badly compromised and Republicans need to move to protect the country as best they can, according to one GOP leader.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky said this week that payments received from deals with foreign entities, some in hostile countries, could be as high as $40 million, based on evidence his panel has gathered.

Comer discussed his ongoing investigation into the Biden family and their business activities abroad while appearing on the “Cats and Cosby” show on WABC 770 in New York. He suggested that the evidence he has examined thus far indicates that the conduct of the Biden family extends beyond mere inappropriate business dealings involving Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, and ventures into more sinister territory.

“It’s a huge puzzle. This was organized crime. There’s no other way to define it. This was organized crime,” Comer said. “This was something that’s going to top out, I would say, around 30 to 40 different banks and about that many different shell companies.”

What’s more, Comer says that his committee has already identified a half-dozen suspicious policies implemented by President Biden that appear to have been influenced by corruption and not in the best interests of the U.S.

“We have six specific policy decisions, four of which were made while Joe Biden was president early on that we can’t come to any other conclusion as to why these decisions were made other than the president is compromised,” Comer said.

Based on the analysis of bank records and other documents reviewed by investigators, Comer provides an estimate that suggests the Biden family received a substantial sum ranging from $17 million to $30 million from foreign businessmen. He added that the collective value of these transactions is expected to surpass $40 million.

“We’re talking about some real money here, and I’m not counting – with the first transaction we disclosed was $3 million to the Chinese Communist Party to the Robinson Walker LLC account. From that, the Bidens got $1.3 million. I’m not counting $3 million, I’m counting $1.3 million, so, you know, the transactions could exceed $40 million plus,” Comer said.

He emphasized that he possesses a wealth of additional information regarding the transactions involving the Biden family, which includes the presence of the Bidens in multiple other countries.

“Romania, China those are the two countries we’ve already disclosed transactions. We’re about to disclose transactions from Ukraine, as well as Russia,” Comer said. President Biden’s brother James “dealt mainly in the Middle East, so you have four or five countries in the Middle East that he influence-peddled on.”

“There’s also countries in Africa where Hunter Biden was actively involved in influence peddling and where Joe Biden was involved in foreign policy decisions. This was an organized family crime unit, essentially,” Comer added.


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