Pfizer Whistleblower Releases Emails Hiding 'Fetal Cell' Usage From Public

Pfizer Whistleblower Releases Emails Hiding 'Fetal Cell' Usage From Public

Whistleblower Melissa Strickler, a Quality Auditor for Pfizer at the McPherson, Kansas plant location, has exposed a shocking practice by company of using “fetal cells” while developing the COVID-19 vaccine. Strickler, who has worked for Pfizer for almost ten years, gave an extensive sit-down interview to James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

Strickler introduces herself explaining “I work at a pharmaceutical company; I am not an anti-vaxxer. I just believe in research and follow the science.” She then explains how she accidentally came across an email thread between high-level employees who discuss how to hide information about using fetal cells from the public.

Strickler was doing a google search and clicked the wrong box “on our homepage and searched in our database instead. And I saw reports of what I had searched for and then I’d click them, and then I realized they were our internal documents on our Pfizer internal database.”

The email chain was discussing fetal tissue and the covid vaccine. “What was troubling to me was they were wanting to keep it under wraps, they didn’t want the information out there that they were using the HEK cells to do the study. They were being so deceptive in their emails it’s almost like it is in the final vaccine…it just made me not trust it” Strickler told Project Veritas.

In the emails, Vanessa Gelman, a Senior Director of Worldwide Research, Development & Medical Communications was asked about aborted fetus usage:

“Hi Vanessa. This question came in as an enquiry to our Med info group. Specifically, they are asking ‘did Pfizer make use of a cell line from an aborted foetus when carrying out any confirmatory tests for this vaccine? This is AFTER we had already confirmed with the customer that no cell lines from an aborted foetus were used in the manufacturing process of the COVID-29 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2.”

Vanessa responds with information, highlighted in yellow which she says “we have tried really hard to not share unless it’s strictly necessary and mission critical.”

“Human fetal derived cell lines are not used to produce our investigational vaccine, which consists of synthetic and enzymatically produced components” she wrote, before the following sentence highlighted in yellow: “One of more cell lines with an origin that can be traced back to human fetal tissue has been used in laboratory tests associated with the vaccine program.”

Gelman also wrote, “from the perspective of corporate affairs, we want to avoid having the information on the fetal cells floating out there – we believe that the risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit we could see, particularly with general members of the public who may take this information and use it in ways we may not want it out there.”

Strickler said she took a mental health leave of absence because she was “sickened and traumatized” but what she learned. She noted the company did not want the information public in order to thwart individuals from being able to use religious exemptions to not receive the vaccine. She also said Pfizer is “denying our religious exemptions.”

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UPDATE: Vanessa Gelman’s LinkedIn profile has been deleted:


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