PATHETIC: ESPN Announcers Take Moment Of Silence In Protest Of So-Called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

PATHETIC: ESPN Announcers Take Moment Of Silence In Protest Of So-Called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

The left-wing politicization of sports continued unabated this week as a pair of ESPN announcers and staffers abused the network’s audiences again by delving into a subject that, for the vast majority of them, is literally none of their business.

On Friday, several ESPN staffers used the network platform to show their displeasure with Florida’s recently-passed “Parental Rights In Education” bill, which critics have wrongly dubbed “Don’t Say Gay” because the left reduces all issues down to slogans and hashtags.

At the beginning of the second half between the University of South Carolina and Howard University in the first round of the woman’s NCAA tournament, broadcasters Carolyn Peck and Courtney Lyle announced a moment of silence in protest of the bill.

“Normally at this time, we would take a look back at the first half, but there are things bigger than basketball that need to be addressed at this time,” Lyle said. “Our friends, our family, our co-workers, the players and coaches in our community are hurting right now. At 3 o’clock, about eight minutes ago, our LGBTQIA+ teammates at Disney asked for our solidarity and support, including our company’s support, in opposition to the Parental Rights in Education Bill in the state of Florida and similar legislation across the United States.”

“A threat to any human rights is a threat to all human rights,” Peck added. “And at this time, Courtney and I, we’re going to take a pause from our broadcast to show our love and support for our friends, our family, and our colleagues.”


As TheDaily Wire reported, staffers at Disney, ESPN’s parent company, are planning walkouts this week to protest CEO Bob Chapek’s response to the legislation.

“Starting Tuesday March 15th through Monday March 21st we will begin scheduled walkouts during a 15 minute break period,” the walkout plan noted at

“These will take place at 3:00PM-3:15PM respective to the employees timezone,” it added. “Then on Tuesday March 22nd we will engage in a full stage walkout.”

At the ESPN studios, anchor Elle Duncan also talked about the response from network employees and then paused her halftime broadcast in “solidarity.”

“Many of our colleagues here at ESPN have planned and organized a walkout that will be happening at 3:00 p.m. eastern today,” Duncan said at halftime of the South Carolina versus Howard game.

“And to be honest with you, we thought we were going to come here today and really celebrate a sport that has meant so much, and done so much, including for so much in the LGBTQI+ communities,” she continued.

“But we understand the gravity of this legislation, and also how it is affecting so many families across the country. And because of that, our allyship is going to take a front seat. And with that, we’re going to pause in solidarity.”

Meanwhile, these left-wing lunatics also support allowing biological men to compete in all-female sporting events, effectively destroying (real) women-only competition until the global reset occurs and restores sanity to all the land.

Nevertheless, Gov. Ron DeSantis points out, the vast majority of Florida parents are not on board with ESPN’s virtue signaling. They have a problem with their K-3 children being groomed…er, exposed…to messaging regarding transgenderism, sexual identity, and all other forms of sex ‘education’ because they don’t believe their young minds are capable of processing the complexities of such deep subjects.

By the way, if ESPN execs really care, there is a reason why the network continues shedding viewers, and now finishes behind cable powerhouse Fox News.

Wonder what it could be.


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