Palm Beach Officials BLOCK Students from Entering TPUSA Conference

Palm Beach Officials BLOCK Students from Entering TPUSA Conference

In what can only be described as a “typical COVID backfire” moment, students attending Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit yesterday were refused entry by Palm Beach County officials, prompting event speakers to address a large crowd outside of the venue. 

RedState writes:

As the event was underway Saturday, Palm Beach County officials suddenly stopped allowing students to enter the convention center lobby to register, saying the event was over capacity, and stranding hundreds of students outside the door – packed like sardines. Of course, in that environment rumors start quickly and are amplified on social media. It was reported that TPUSA was attempting to do same-day registration at the convention center, that they were unregistering attendees, and that they oversold the event. TPUSA officials tell RedState that none of those rumors are true.

According to the TPUSA officials we spoke with, there were no capacity restrictions in the original contract, which was signed before the pandemic hit, but that subsequently county officials told them capacity would be limited to 50 percent and that masks would be required. TPUSA agreed to those restrictions and developed an overflow plan, which Palm Beach County officials approved.

Despite the approved overflow plan, Palm Beach officials forced additional attendees outside once they determined the main ballroom was at capacity. This move, of course, backfired spectacularly as event speakers such as Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Jr. went outside to speak with all of the ousted students.

A TPUSA official described the event as a “typical COVID backfire:”

“Instead of helping, the policy ended up creating havoc and chaos. Inside the lobby, students would have been socially distanced, and we were enforcing the mask rule. When county officials locked people out, you ended up with hundreds of eager students out on the street, packed like sardines, and no way to enforce social distancing guidelines or mask mandates. But, now these students have a once-in-a-lifetime memory of the speakers going out and taking the conference to the students. It’s true grassroots organizing.” 

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CDC Report Reveals Thousands of Deaths Labeled Covid Stem from Heart Attacks, Accidents and Poisoning

The latest report to come out from the CDC will leave people questioning the strict lockdown measures.


FDA Denies That Four Volunteers Developed Bell's Palsy From Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine Shot

According to U.S. regulators, four people that received Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in a trial developed Bell’s palsy which causes temporary facial paralysis.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Bell’s palsy could not have been caused by the vaccine but doctors should keep track of anyone else who gets it going forward.

Daily Mail reports:

This isn’t the first time it’s been linked to vaccines, but scientists have ultimately ruled that shots did not trigger Bell’s in all but one case – a Swiss flu vaccine that was sold during the 2001-2002 flu season there, then promptly taken off the market.

So far, the FDA said that the number of Bell’s palsy cases seen in the Pfizer vaccine trial was ‘consistent with the background frequency of reported Bell’s palsy in the vaccine group that is consistent with the expected background rate in the general population, and there is no clear basis upon which to conclude a causal relationship at this time,’ but will keep a close watch on future cases.

Bell's palsy typically resolves on its own but can cause one side of the face to droop rather alarmingly for weeks. It's exact cause is unknown but it's more common among pregnant women, people with diabetes and those with upper respiratory infections

The four cases of Bell’s palsy were the only side effect that the FDA saw as ‘imbalanced’ with more occurring in the vaccine group than the placebo group, and fewer than 0.5 percent of the trial participants had serious side effects.

Among the four people who developed Bell’s palsy, one saw facial paralysis or weakness within three days after they received the shot. But the participant’s face returned to normal about three days after that.

Although doctors are not sure exactly what causes Bell’s palsy, there are some factors that can leave someone more prone to getting it such as diabetes or an upper respiratory infection like the cold or flu.

They don’t believe that Pfizer’s vaccine is the cause of the issue but if given the green light to move forward, the FDA says Pfizer will be required to track data on future vaccine recipients if they develop temporary facial paralysis.



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