Ottawa Mayor Gets Surprise When He Asks Tow Truck Companies To Remove Canadian Truckers

Ottawa Mayor Gets Surprise When He Asks Tow Truck Companies To Remove Canadian Truckers

Rumor has it that the mayor of Ottawa has called around to towing companies to start to have the truckers who are protesting Canada’s vaccination requirement removed.

But Mayor Jim Watson was allegedly informed by all of the towing companies that they could not help him because they all have COVID.

“Towing companies reportedly support the truckers and will not help the Mayor of Ottawa,” the Juggernaut said on Twitter with a video of a woman talking to a trucker about the calls.

“I was just talking to a local who lives right here in Ottawa, he’s been here for 30 years, he knows what’s happening. And he told me that the mayor of Ottawa, he called the tow truck companies to start towing these semis off from the streets and every company said that they had COVID,” she said.

It is important to note that there is no independent verification of this claim by any news source, but if true it is a major issue for the government of Canada as they do not really have a way to get the truckers to move, as CBC reported.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson says the threat of violence has been too great to actively force convoy protesters, and their vehicles parked in and around downtown Ottawa, to leave.

Road closures and vehicle arrivals started Friday, swelling to an estimated crowd of 8,000 people Saturday, according to police. About 3,000 people rallied around Parliament Hill Sunday, according to the city’s emergency and protective services manager.

Attitudes range from the small percentage of truckers who don’t want to get the two COVID-19 vaccine doses now required to cross the Canada-U.S. border, to people who want all COVID-19 rules withdrawn and government leaders to resign, to people accused of violence, harassment, racism and homophobia.

Ottawa paramedics confirmed Monday they had to ask for a police escort this weekend because rocks and verbal abuse were hurled at an ambulance and paramedics.

The crowds and large vehicles have restricted access to downtown Ottawa, closing businesses, service centres, a COVID-19 vaccine clinic and an elementary school. Horns have honked in protest for parts of four days over neighbourhoods where tens of thousands of people live.

“The [police] chief … has to assess almost on an hour-by-hour basis: by intervening in this particular street or this particular area, is it going to cause more harm than good, and is it going to throw gas on a fire?” the mayor said.

“I know the public says, ‘Just get in there and ticket,’ but police officers are being swarmed … We have to use judgment and common sense,” he said.

American trucker Brian Base spoke to Fox News host Sean Hannity and said he intends to create his own “Freedom convoy” from California to  Washington D.C.

“Well, let me start quick by saying that I’m actually a co-organizer of one that we are putting together for the United States to go to California, to D.C,” he said. “The other two guys, they can speak a lot more from that but I will stand my sign we are so very proud of them up there. I think many Americans, probably a majority of Americans are watching closely to what’s going on. Truck drivers of the United States are watching what’s going on up there. The health workers, educators, law enforcement, federal employees are watching what’s going on up there and we are actually proud of them and you know, somebody has gotten fight. Teamwork with our northern neighbors and us, we’ve got it.”


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