Oklahoma Lawmaker Intros Bill That Lets Parents Ban Sexually Explicit Books from Schools

Oklahoma Lawmaker Intros Bill That Lets Parents Ban Sexually Explicit Books from Schools

Fed up with filthy, divisive materials and curriculum the left continually feeds our children via the public school system, an Oklahoma lawmaker has introduced a measure that would serve as a tool for parents to push back big time.

According to The Daily Wire, “Senate Bill 1142 would permit a parent or legal guardian to request a book with sexually explicit material to be removed from a school’s library within 30 days. A fine of up to $10,000 per day could be enforced if the measure is passed.”

State Sen. Rob Standridge (R) introduced the bill after he heard from parents and grandparents of kids who shared stories of running across books that had heavily sexualized content in their school libraries.

The McAlester News-Capital, which spoke to Standridge, noted:

A few of the books he said he has concerns about include the “Trans Teen Survival Guide,” “Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities, “A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns,” and “The Art of Drag.”

“I just think that those are overly sexualized,” Standridge told the paper. “I think parents and grandparents, guardians should have a say on whether their kids are exposed to those books. If they want them, they can take (their children) to their local library.

He went on to speculate that even if the measure is passed there were be public school districts in the state that will refuse to comply — why, is anyone’s guess — and that will lead to court cases.

“My guess is the schools won’t comply and the parents will have to seek injunctive relief. That will be up to the trier of fact,” he told the paper.

The Daily Wire added that the Oklahoma measure is one of several efforts across multiple states to push back on the left’s disgusting trend of pushing highly sexualized content involving both straight and homosexual characters on the most impressionable and vulnerable in our society, our children.

There has been some progress, but it has been limited. For instance, two books were removed from the Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia last month after extremely graphic passages from the tomes were read at a school board meeting by an angry parent.

However, as The Daily Wire notes in a separate report, the school recently put them back on library shelves:

The two books — “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe and “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison — were suspended “effective immediately” this week after parent Stacy Langton revealed the graphic sexual nature of the book. FCPS released a statement saying it would review the content of the novels:

Circulation of Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison and Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe will be suspended with immediate effect. FCPS is in the process of convening two committees made up of staff, students and parents led by our Library Services Coordinator to assess the suitability of both texts for inclusion in our school libraries. The recommendation of the committees will be put forward to the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services who will make a final decision as to whether FCPS continues to stock these books.

Fairfax County Public Schools has reinstated the books … after they were temporarily pulled because their contents depicting gay sex are so graphic that when a mother read from them at a school board meeting, she was cut off and school board members fled the dais.

This is a family-oriented site so we won’t reprint here the garbage that is contained in these two books; you can look it up if you are so inclined. But besides asking why public school boards and officials would such filth in their institutions, we also feel compelled to ask this question: What kind of person writes such filth specifically for an underage audience?


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