NY Democrats consider raising taxes, legalizing marijuana and sports betting as city deficit skyrockets

“If there was an idea to raise money, it was discussed today”

NY Democrats consider raising taxes, legalizing marijuana and sports betting as city deficit skyrockets

“If there was an idea to raise money, it was discussed today”

New York state Democrats are considering raising taxes and legalizing weed in efforts to overcome a budget that is projected to experience a deficit in the “billions,” according to a report.

The liberal legislators considered raising taxes and decriminalizing weed – as well as sports betting – to make up for money lost during the coronavirus pandemic in a Wednesday meeting, according to BizPacReview. Democratic Assembly Education Committee Chairman Michael Benedetto said his state is “going to be billions of dollars short” for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.”

“If there was an idea to raise money, it was discussed today,” Benedetto told the New York Post. “Everything was discussed at great length. It was a very sober meeting. There are going to be more sober meetings. It’s heavy stuff.”

They considered raising income tax rates on billionaires and millionaires, as well as imposing a possible tax on stocks and second homes.

The New York chapter of Democratic Socialists of America is also engaging in a phone campaign to sway public opinion in favor of the tax hikes, as opposed to the alternative of slashing funding from education and other public services, BizPacReview reports.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned of extensive layoffs and tax increases in a Wednesday press briefing.

“If we do not get federal funding, the consequences are going to be devastating to this state, and the families and governments within the state,” he said. “You can see the layoff of several thousand government workers unless the federal government is truly responsible and accountable, and really gives New York the funding it deserves.”

“You’ll see tax increases…you could see dramatic tax increases that would hurt families and hurt the economy,” he added.

The governor also indicated a willingness to legalize marijuana as a possible source of state income, the Post reports.

BIDEN: We Can Stay Home During COVID Because “Some Black Woman” Stacked the Grocery Shelf

Biden was quickly roasted on Twitter for his comments

President Trump has proven he is the embodiment of a true leader after contracting the coronavirus while performing the duties of Commander in Chief, instead of keeping himself isolated in a bubble in the White House.

Vice President Joe Biden, on the other hand, has locked himself in his basement for months, leaving for mostly brief media appearances where he rarely takes questions from the press.

In a now-viral video clip, Biden credited people’s ability to stay sequestered in their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic because “some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.”

Fox News reported the full version of Biden’s comments:

“And they say, ‘Well, why in the hell would you say that Biden? You just talked about all these difficulties.’ Well, I’ll tell you why. Because the American public, the blinders have been taken off,” Biden told the roundtable attendees. “They’ve all of a sudden seen a hell of a lot clearer. They’re saying, ‘Jeeze, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf. Or a young Hispanic is out there, these dreamers are out there, 60,000 of them acting as first responders and nurses and docs.’ Or all of a sudden people are realizing, ‘My Lord, these people have done so much. Not just Black, White, across the board, have done so much for me. We can do this. We can get things done.’ And I think they’re ready.”

Biden was quickly roasted on Twitter for his comments, with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee pointing out the hypocrisy of the media for ignoring his comments. “He didn’t really say that, did he?” he wrote. “Yes, he did. If @realDonaldTrump said that he’d be called racist. But @POTUS didn’t say it. Joe did & the media won’t say a word about it.”

Trump supporters Diamond and Silk wrote, “Jim Crow Joe Biden is a Bigot and a Racist! Black women are not the only ones stocking shelves amid COVID.”

Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Will Lose "Freedom to Move Around" If They Refuse The Vaccine

If you live in Ontario, be prepared to lose your “freedom to move around” if you refuse the Covid-19 vaccine, according to Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer.

When asked if he would make vaccines mandatory, Dr. David Williams said “we can’t force someone to take a vaccine”, but went on to say that if you wanted “ease of getting in to certain settings” you would have to show proof of vaccination or be forced to wear personal protective equipment.

Summit News reports:

As we previously highlighted, governments do not have to make the vaccine mandatory, they can simply make life unlivable for people who refuse to take the vaccine.

If bars, restaurants, cinemas, sports venues, airlines, employers and others all make the vaccination a mandatory condition of service, anyone who refuses to take it will be reduced to a personal form of de facto lockdown with their social lives and mobility completely stunted.

Countries around the world sound like they are easing themselves into dictatorships.




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