NY Bar Owner ARRESTED for Breaking COVID Rules After Serving Food to Undercover Cops

NY Bar Owner ARRESTED for Breaking COVID Rules After Serving Food to Undercover Cops

Is it just me, or have you found yourself wondering lately if we are still living in the land of the free?

A New York bar owner was arrested yesterday for breaking Governor Andrew Cuomo’s draconian COVID-19 rules after undercover police officers orchestrated a sting and ordered food from his establishment.

The Daily Caller reports:

The New York City sheriff’s deputies entered Mac’s Public House in Staten Island, New York, and ordered $40 worth of food and beverages, according to a sheriff’s office press release reported by the AP. After they ordered, uniformed officers entered the bar and proceeded to arrest and handcuff the establishment’s co-owner Danny Presti.

Mac’s Public House is located in an “orange zone” of New York, and is therefore not allowed to offer indoor dining per Gov. Cuomo’s outrageous COVID restrictions.

Presti was considered to be “trespassing” after he refused to leave his establishment, according to one of his lawyers, Lou Gelormino. The attorney was present at the time and was given a $5,000 summons after it was determined that he was an employee of the restaurant.

Needless to say, people are absolutely fed up with the unconstitutional controls taken by governors like Cuomo and are ready to fight back:

It is safe to say that in New York, looting and destroying businesses is OK, yet keeping one open to feed your family and contribute to society is an arrestable offense. How did we get here?

Happy Thanksgiving: One Sheriff Says NO to Enforcing Andrew Cuomo's Covid-19 Restrictions on Home Gatherings

One New York Sheriff feels NY Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has over stepped his authority by setting restrictions on family gatherings and has vowed not to enforce them in his county.

Cuomo has set an executive order which limits indoor gatherings to 10 or less, an order Fulton county sheriff Richard Giardino says he will not follow calling it an example of government overreach.

The sheriff had this to say about the order, “Who and how many people you invite in to your home is your business, unlike outdoor gatherings which may receive a police response if disorderly or other violations of public nuisance laws occur. “We have limited resources and we have to set priorities, so obtaining a Search Warrant to enter your home to see how many Turkey or Tofu eaters are present is not a priority. We won’t be doing that.”

Daily Caller Reports:

Democratic Washington state Governor Jay Inslee similarly announced restrictions on indoor gatherings, including weddings and funerals, and a ban on visits to care facilities. His restrictions additionally limit outdoor gatherings to no more than 5 people outside the immediate household. For indoor events, gatherings with those outside the household are forbidden unless visitors quarantine for two-weeks or 7-days of isolation along with a negative COVID-19 test.

Violator’s may be subject to criminal penalties, according to Inslee’s “Stay Safe-Stay Healthy” Proclamation.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced last week that a stay-at-home order will also go into effect for Chicago, limiting movement outside to ‘essential reasons,’ and telling residents not to allow any guests into their homes.

Less than one week ago New York Mayor Bill de Blasio urged residents to avoid large gatherings for meals, in spite of the upcoming holidays. However, de Blasio stated that it’s not time to implement broader restrictions across the city than the current 25% capacity limitation instituted in restaurants.

These Democratic Governors and Mayors along with mainstream media are constantly calling Trump a fascist and a dictator, yet they are the ones that want to regulate how many people you have in your home, curfews so you can’t be out past 10 and want you to wear a mask in your own house. Democrats should really look in the mirror and ask who the dictator is?

Denver Mayor Warns to Avoid Travel Then Boards Flight to be with Family for Thanksgiving

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has been warning people for awhile about not traveling for Thanksgiving and only spending the holiday with those in your own household, but that did not stop him from boarding a flight on Wednesday morning to Houston to visit his daughter.

A spokeswoman for the mayor said that he was traveling to Mississippi to see his daughter and that his wife was already there.

Another case of Rules for thee, but not for me.

9News Reports:

About 30 minutes before the flight, Hancock’s account tweeted out to “avoid travel, if you can” in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

According to an email obtained by 9NEWS, Hancock’s assistant said the mayor would be out of office from Wednesday to Friday.

In an email to city staff on Nov. 18, Hancock wrote, “as the holidays approach, we all long to be with our families with person, but with the continued rise in cases, I’m urging you to refrain from travel this Thanksgiving holiday. For my family that means cancelling our traditional gathering of our extended family.”

In the email, Hancock also said anyone who travels out of state should quarantine for 14 days and that employees who can’t work from home will need to use their paid time off for the leave.

Denver City Council President Stacie Gilmore issued a statement Wednesday encouraging residents to stay home for the holidays.

“Mayor Michael Hancock made the personal decision to travel for Thanksgiving,” Gilmore’s statement reads. “I expect the mayor will follow and comply with the directives he issued to all City of Denver employees and quarantine for 14 days upon his return.”

We are long past the point where citizens abide by unjust rules and laws that their own government officials willfully ignore.


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