NPR Goes Woke for the 4th, Scraps Annual Reading of the Declaration of Independence For Discussion About 'Equity'

NPR Goes Woke for the 4th, Scraps Annual Reading of the Declaration of Independence For Discussion About 'Equity'

It’s way past time for Congress to stop providing NPR with taxpayer funding and let the media organization either survive or fail on its own after the latest move to become more ‘woke.’

For decades, Steve Inskeep has read the Declaration of Independence on the air, but the network caved to a far-left minority this year and instead featured a segment on equity and equality.

The Daily Wire reports:

After a bit of a false start in 2021 — when the hosts read the Declaration but drew attention to what they believed were flaws and hypocrisies — Inskeep and his co-host Leila Fadel ended the 33-year tradition in 2022. They replaced it with an 11-minute segment examining what equality truly meant, both when the Declaration of Independence was written and in the years since then.

“This July 4th we break with tradition,” Fadel tweeted. “Instead of a reading of the Declaration of Independence @NPRinskeep examines what equality means and has meant in this document. Important segment about our past and future … produced by @marcarivers and @bgordemer.”

For that segment as well as others, Inskeep interviewed Harvard historian Jill Lepore, who explained that founder Thomas Jefferson drew from enlightenment thinkers when he added the concept of equality into the Declaration.

“It’s fashionable, and rightfully so, to indict the limits of [Jefferson’s] vision. But in the 18th century, even the idea that all white men are created equal was a radical notion at the time,” Lepore explained.

“Those men lived in a highly ranked culture, and a declaration of equality is throwing that away, or challenging that in a revolutionary manner,” Lepore noted further.

Inskeep then linked the conversation to recent heated battles over political and cultural issues, while applying the concept of equality to the recently-overturned landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade.

“And many of our debates on this July 4th turn on what equality means. What voting rules really give equal access to the ballot. Do abortion laws give a woman equal control of her body? At what point is a fetus entitled to equal rights?” he queried.

Turning partisan, Inskeep went on to suggest that Republicans were behind a push for “unequal voting power,” without providing context or proof.

“For some people equality is out of style. Some political progressives prefer the term, ‘equity.’ Some Republicans in Texas and Colorado have called for unequal voting power, giving more weight to conservative voters,” he claimed.

“The global move toward authoritarian rule opposes equality, asserting that some people are more equal than others,” he said.

Not discussed was the fact that regardless of what was considered “equality” at the time of the founding, the Constitution was written to mean — and legislation since has been based upon — the notion that all Americans are equal, and that the founding document’s core rights guarantees apply to every citizen (and even non-citizens).

Were that not true then historic civil rights measures would never have passed constitutional muster.

Moreover, Republicans are not trying to deny anyone the right to vote; rather, the party is attempting to ensure that all elections are fair and secure and that only legal votes count. The left, by comparison, seeks to pollute our election outcomes by implementing rules and measures that make it easier to cheat.

NPR should be defunded, not our police. What a disgrace on our nation’s birthday.


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