'Now Sit With That and Hush': Columnist Trashes Dr. Ben Carson After He Blasts Biden Over Race-Based SCOTUS Pick

'Now Sit With That and Hush': Columnist Trashes Dr. Ben Carson After He Blasts Biden Over Race-Based SCOTUS Pick

The constant harping by Democrats that Donald Trump and his conservative Republican base are racist and bigoted is once again put to the lie by another leftist columnist who attacked former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson — over his race.

The Blaze has more:

In a piece published on NewsOne, Zack Linly claimed that former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s “entire existence in the political world is due to identity politics.”

The hit piece came after Carson, during an appearance on “The Vince Coglianese Show,” discussed President Joe Biden’s stated objective of replacing retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer with a black woman — so Democrats can check the “black female Supreme Court justice” box on their never-ending journey to divide our diverse society by race, gender, ethnicity, creed, etc.

When Coglianese asked Carson about Biden’s pledge, the renowned neurosurgeon responded by saying that “many people fought, gave their lives to bring equality … And now we’re reverting back to identity politics.

“And as we continue to do that, we’re bringing more division into our country,” Carson added in his spot-on reply.

While the vast majority of Americans, including Democrats truth be told, agree with Carson, Linly went full racist, declaring that “Carson played his usual role of ‘Black man crying white tears.'”

“Now, in 2022, white men are still pretending meritocracy, not their own original version of identity politics, is why they continue to dominate all the aforementioned professions, positions and class statuses,” Linly wrote. “And by ‘white men,’ I mean Ben Carson.”

At another point in the hit piece, Linly referred to “Carson and other white people.”

“Carson, trust me when I tell you the only purpose you served was as a barely-sentient tool for Trump’s failed attempt at winning over Black America,” Linly wrote. “Your entire existence in the political world is due to identity politics.”

Linly, who is black, ended with: “Now, sit with that and hush.”

Imagine if a white writer had instructed a black public servant or lawmaker to “sit” and “hush.” They’d be canceled off of planet earth.

But this kind of inflammatory gaslighting has always been endemic on the left, not the right. It’s not ‘Donald Trump’s people’ who write and say things like this about their political opponents, it’s ‘Joe Biden’s people.’ It’s the ‘Democratic Party’s people.’

More Democrats are beginning to realize it, too.

Former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii condemned Biden’s decision to make skin color and sex the deciding factors in choosing someone to replace Breyer, noting that it’s more important to concentrate on people’s qualifications and dedication to defending the Constitution (that “content of character” stuff that Martin Luther King Jr. preached).

“Biden’s mistake: He should not be choosing a Supreme Court justice based on the color of their skin or sex, but rather on their qualifications & commitment to uphold our Constitution & the freedoms guaranteed to all Americans in that document which is the foundation of our nation,” she tweeted.

“A year in and I’m disgusted with them both. I’m disgusted with [Vice President] Kamala Harris and Joe Biden,” Isaiah Carter, a black New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) worker and member of the Democratic Party, told Fox News.

There are many things that Carter is upset about, but among them are his party’s embrace of race, race, race.

“I don’t like critical race theory,” Carter told Fox News. “Critical race theory is a Trojan horse that has a lot of darker elements hiding inside.

“I don’t like the idea of kids – Black kids, White kids, whatever – separated by race and then made to feel like one group is oppressed and the other group is not,” he continued.

Dr. Ben Carson is a brilliant man who never needed the assistance of ‘identity politics’ to get ahead. He is self-made and self-accomplished, and that’s why he was chosen by Trump.

Only a racist can’t see that.


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