North Carolina Youth Football Cheerleading League Ripped for Raffling Off Rifle

North Carolina Youth Football Cheerleading League Ripped for Raffling Off Rifle

A youth cheerleading league in North Carolina has rankled the perpetually angry left for daring to use a constitutional right as a means of earning money.

The raffle, held by the East Henderson Youth Football and Cheerleading League (EHYFCL), a non-profit group in East Flat Rock, N.C., is being criticized by some local residents for raffling an FN 15 Patrol Carbine, WLOS reported.

“We aren’t offering an assault rifle. We are offering an FN 15 Patrol Carbine,” a spokesperson for EHYFCL told Fox News Digital. “This is an ArmaLite 15-style rifle, not fully automatic, which by definition excludes it from being classified as an assault rifle. We are following all ATF guidelines. The item is being held at an FFL [federal firearms license holder], the recipient must complete an ATF form 4473 and pass an [FBI-run] NICS background check before taking possession of it.”

In other words, the group is raffling off a constitutionally protected firearm in accordance with federal law.

Mind you, the point of a raffle is raising money, and to do that, it’s best that groups try to raffle off something that a lot of people would like to have — so they buy raffle tickets. And considering that AR-15-style rifles are the most popular sporting weapons in the country, this makes perfect sense.

Unless you’re someone who is looking for a reason to criticize guns:

Some critics took issue with the prize choice, believing it is inappropriate for a children’s league. Football players in the East Henderson league are 5 to 13 years old, and members on the cheer team are ages 4 to 13, according to the organization.

“I was honestly shocked when I received the message that the children were going to be selling an assault rifle because of what’s going on at schools around the country,” an anonymous concerned parent told WLOS.

Another local parent who also wanted to complain but do so anonymously added: “I thought it was in very bad taste for them to choose a weapon that is being used against children.”

Two people who don’t have the strength of their convictions to own up to their comments publicly. Perfect.

Fox News added that the group was also ripped by some Facebook users, who variously proclaimed the raffle as being “sad” and “bad” to “disgusting” and “deplorable.”

The group noted on the platform in response to the criticism: “If you have a sure way to raise enough money quickly to get us through the rest of the season and still have enough to start up next season, we need you to use that energy in a positive way.”

“The referees aren’t volunteers, the [law enforcement officers] and first responders for the children’s safety aren’t volunteers” for the events held by the group, the explanation continued.

“The use of the field, stadium, and facilities are not free, the lost uniforms, mouthpieces, chin straps, ear pads, bows, and socks are not free,” the group continued. “Equipment is not free, the insurance is not free, and all the other fees the league must pay are not imaginary.”

“If we’re not raising enough money, we’re forced to raise fees,” organization leaders added.

EHYFCL told the local news outlet they “are currently raising funds to purchase new equipment and to have the ability to sponsor children in our community who cannot afford the registration fees.”

The group again emphasized that the raffle winner has to be at least 21 years old and able to legally possess the rifle. A spokesperson added that “the AR raffle has taken place three years consecutive and brings in the most support we have ever had.”


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