Fox News Host Calls For 'Incapacitated' Biden To Be Removed Over Baby Formula Shortage

Fox News Host Calls For 'Incapacitated' Biden To Be Removed Over Baby Formula Shortage

President Biden is “incapacitated” and has been unable to adequately perform his job and should be removed, as evidenced by the spreading shortage of baby formula in the country.

That’s the conclusion of a noted Fox News host, at least.

On Sunday’s edition of “The Next Revolution,” host Steve Hilton pushed for Biden to be impeached over the formula crisis, which he said is just the latest example of gross incompetence demonstrated during his short tenure in office.

BizPac Review notes:

Hilton began his opening monologue with footage from Biden’s trip to Asia where he fumbled his way through a speech in Japan, needing to read off of notes and his claim that “even in the face of historic economic challenges, our economy is providing and proving to be resilient.”

“Resilient?” Hilton mocked. “Have you ever heard a weaker expression of resilience than that? That is the President of the United States of America, can’t even say the most basic thing without reading it off of a piece of paper.”

“Biden, mumbling and bumbling his way around Asia while here at home inflation soars, the stock market crashes, the border’s wide open, and the baby formula is now expected to last for months,” he continued.

“More than Biden’s border crisis. more than Biden’s inflation crisis – both of those, the consequence of deliberate ideological choices – the Biden baby crisis proves beyond any doubt that this Biden regime, the whole rotten crew of Obama retreads, swamp time servers and juvenile activists is totally unserious and completely incompetent,” he added.

He went on to note that it was “three months ago” an Abbott plant — the country’s largest baby formula maker — was shut down due to a “contamination scare” while noting that the Biden administration, led by the Food and Drug Administration, has been “working diligently” to fix the problem but have only made things worse.

“Except, wait a minute, the crisis is now,” he noted. “A few months ago when all these people started working diligently, there actually wasn’t a crisis, there was just a closed factory so somehow, these geniuses by working diligently managed to turn a closure into a crisis.”

“Their response to a sudden massive interruption to the supply of one of the most vital products imaginable for America’s families wasn’t to get the Michigan factory up and running, they’re saying that’s still weeks away,” he added, “it wasn’t to get extra supply from other U.S. producers, it wasn’t to try and find replacement supply from other countries, they continued to block imports for months, with massive tariffs and pointless regulations.”

“It wasn’t even to invoke the Defense Production Act they never stopped going on about during the pandemic,” he said. “The Biden regime’s response they tell us was working diligently for months, and this is the result, panic and despair for millions of families.”

“You might even say separating babies from their food, what could be more inhumane?” he continued. “But at least we know what working diligently means. It means creating a crisis and actually, it explains the entire Biden regime, they’ve been working diligently on inflation, working diligently at the border, they really worked diligently  on the withdrawal from Afghanistan, that was super diligent.”

“Is this what they meant when they told us grown-ups were back in charge?” Hilton asked as he played several clips of leftist commentators on various networks repeating that talking point.

“We were promised ‘The West Wing’ and we ended up with ‘Veep,'” Hilton continued, making reference to the two popular political TV series. “What smug, self-satisfied BS the whole thing was, grown-ups in the room, effective governance, administrative competence, working diligently, what a joke.”

Hilton then summed the situation up.

“This is the real crisis, the underlying crisis, the crisis underlying the inflation crisis and the border crisis and the Afghan crisis and this baby crisis and all the others, Biden’s capacity to do his job,” he said, moving on to show several clips of Biden verbally stumbling. “I mean just look at him, there’s nothing there.”

“Yeah, they managed to wheel him out to make ludicrous, divisive partisan attacks and utterly incoherent rambling speeches like that fiasco on inflation the other week but remember, this is what Biden’s like in public when he knows he’s on display, reading prepared remarks, imagine how bad it is in private when he’s supposed to be actually making decisions, absolutely terrifying,” Hilton said.

“Look, the policy failures, the broken promises, these are things for our political process to resolve in the time-honored way through elections, but Biden’s obvious inability to perform the duties of president properly, that’s different. We cannot wait until 2024, it’s not right,” he added, playing clips of Vice President Kamala Harris  saying “dude’s gotta go.”

“That’s no reason for the United States of America to tolerate an incapacitated president,” he said. “We must respect the Constitution. Biden has proven he is not fit to be president, he should resign or be removed from office immediately.”



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