New Survey Shows Most Americans Opposed to Transgenders Competing in All-Female Sporting Events

New Survey Shows Most Americans Opposed to Transgenders Competing in All-Female Sporting Events

A brand-new survey shows that a wide majority of Americans are not at all in favor of having transgendered females — biological males at birth — competing in sporting events established only for females.

The results validate concerns many have had about unfair advantages that biological males have over female competitors and provides new anecdotal evidence that the national sentiment in the country is moving away from the uber-left’s woke cultural insanity.

BizPac Review notes:

The Washington Post-University of Maryland poll shows that 55 percent of respondents are against allowing transgenders to compete with girls and women in high school sports and 58 percent are opposed to it in college and pro sports.

Only 30 percent were supportive of transgenders being allowed to compete against girls and women, a minority that has been amplified by having the national media in their corner despite the reality that most Americans come down on the opposite side of the contentious and controversial issue.

The results generated a wealth of feedback online.

“Better headline might be most Americans oppose men dominating women’s sports,” Douglas Blair, a news producer at The Daily Signal, tweeted.

“A Washington Post poll finds a clear majority of Americans do not want boys competing against girls in girls’ high school and college sports. Concurrently, the Biden Administration is going to deny school lunch program money to schools that keep boys out of girls’ sports,” wrote conservative pundit and radio host Erick Erickson, noting that the White House is engaged in extorting states that forbid transgenders in girl’s sports.

“I’m sorry but as much as I support the LGBTQ community this unfortunately puts girls and women competing at a disadvantage. While we should respect individuals rights to be who they want, we cannot impede on the natural rights and opportunities of others,” another user wrote.

The issue made headlines earlier this year when Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania, began dominating women’s competition, even setting new records.

A long-serving USA Swimming official handed in her resignation in December after three decades in the sport because she is disappointed with the NCAA’s allowance of a biological male being allowed to compete in all-female competitions.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Cynthia Millen said she stepped down from officiating USA Swimming meets after 30 years because she said she can’t just sit and watch as female swimmers are “thrown under the bus” by “biological” male competitors.

“The fact is that swimming is a sport in which bodies compete against bodies. Identities do not compete against identities,” Millen said of her decision to quit just a few days before the U.S. Paralympics Swimming National Championships in Greensboro, N.C. “Men are different from women, men swimmers are different from women, and they will always be faster than women.”


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