Nebraska Gov Vows to Sign Bill Making State Winner-Take-All

Nebraska Gov Vows to Sign Bill Making State Winner-Take-All

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen has pledged to sign a bill shifting the state back to a winner-take-all system for the electoral college.

The decision follows a push from The Charlie Kirk Show urging Nebraskans to advocate for the change.

In a message shared on X, Kirk outlined the significance of the move, emphasizing the impact of Nebraska’s current practice of allocating electoral votes by Congressional district. He pointed out that this system has led to Omaha’s vote leaning blue in recent elections.

Kirk argued that Nebraska should follow the lead of other states like California and New York, which utilize a winner-take-all approach. He highlighted LB764, a bill ready for consideration, as a solution to ensure the state’s electoral votes align with the preferences of the majority of Nebraskans.

While the bill is still under committee review, Governor Pillen expressed his support for the initiative. “I am a strong supporter of Senator Lippincott’s winner-take-all bill,” Pillen affirmed, emphasizing its alignment with the intentions of the Founding Fathers and the unity it would bring to Nebraska’s voice in presidential elections.

Pillen urged fellow Republicans in the Legislature to advance the bill, emphasizing its importance in ensuring Nebraska’s electoral process reflects the will of its citizens.

Former President Donald Trump lauded Governor Pillen’s stance, characterizing it as a “very smart” move in a post on Truth Social.


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