NBC Going After Fox News Advertisers, Turns Up Heat on Tucker Carlson Following Buffalo Shooting

NBC Going After Fox News Advertisers, Turns Up Heat on Tucker Carlson Following Buffalo Shooting

Because Tucker Carlson and other hosts and personalities refuse to sign on to the latest woke cause of the moment, they have been branded as ‘enemies of the state’ by the corporate leftist media and must be silenced.

But since the legacy lefties can’t out-shout the Fox News juggernaut and there is the pesky matter of the First Amendment’s free press guarantee, the only thing left is to deny the network revenue.

So that’s the tact NBC is now taking.

As BizPac Review reports, the network is contact-shaming Fox’s advertisers in the wake of the apparently racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo last week because executives have decided, apparently, that Carlson is guilty of motivating the shooter by allegedly advocating something the left is calling the ‘Great Replacement Theory.’

For the record, Carlson has frequently offered his view — a constitutionally protected opinion, by the way — that Democrats and especially whoever is running Joe Biden’s regime are refusing to enforce U.S. border security and immigration laws because they seek to import millions of third-world poor for the purpose of overwhelming the voices and votes of native-born Americans who disagree with their inane political and cultural absurdities.

Other actual immigration experts have offered a similar view; what that has to do with ‘motivating’ a lunatic to shoot people has yet to be established, but the left isn’t rational so attempts to convince them to be, obviously, have fallen on deaf ears. If we’re using this ‘logic,’ the shooter claims to have been radicalized during Democrat-imposed coronavirus lockdowns: So, is Biden culpable?

Of course not. But again, we’re not talking about rational people here.

Nevertheless, NBC has decided that Fox and Tucker are ‘threats’ and so the livelihoods of the network’s talent and employees must be taken away.

“‘It’s time Tucker face consequences for his words’: Tucker Carlson is facing intense scrutiny from extremism experts, media watchdogs, and activists who say there’s a link between his rhetoric and the apparent mindset of the Buffalo shooting suspect,” a tweet from sister network MSNBC (talk about extremists) noted.

Per BPR:

Following the shooting in Buffalo, talking heads across the platforms have pointed fingers at Republicans and the promotion of “hateful Right-wing rhetoric” as being responsible for the suspect’s motivations. So, NBC News reached out to those buying ad spots on Fox to see if they’ll continue to be a party to this alleged complicity.

The ladies of ABC’s “The View” rode this bandwagon Monday as well with co-host Ana Navarro stating Monday, “I think it’s time to name names and point fingers…If you are an advertiser advertising on that station, you are part of the problem.”

As expected, the push was specifically targeting primetime host Tucker Carlson. “In a statement,” NBC reported, “General Motors said: ‘We do not advertise on Tucker Carlson or other similar shows, though we do advertise on Fox News.’ When asked if the company plans to continue to advertise on the network, a GM spokesperson pointed NBC News back to the original statement.”

They went on, “WeightWatchers does not advertise on Carlson’s show. The company’s communications office did not reply to a subsequent email asking if it planned to continue to advertise on Fox news.”

In fact, the shooter actually wrote in his ‘manifesto’ that he hates Fox News and another leading conservative, Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro.

But again, when you’re not dealing with rational people, you won’t have any rational conversations.

No one condemns racists and racism more than we do. But we also condemn irrational attempts to deny Americans a living simply because they espouse a different point of view. The left has no such qualms, however.


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