Must Watch: Charlie Kirk Dismantles Race-Baiting Leftist With Facts And Logic

Must Watch: Charlie Kirk Dismantles Race-Baiting Leftist With Facts And Logic

Turning Point USA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk faced off against a liberal student alongside fellow conservative pundit and podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey during a recent “Education, Don’t Mandate Tour” event.

The unidentified female questioner, presumably a student, began by “clarifying” an earlier point that Kirk and Stuckey made regarding the “myth” of “white privilege” before reciting what she said were incarceration rates based on government data.

“According to the Bureau of Prisons statistics from last month, 38.3 percent of our current inmate population is black, but according to the 2020 Census data, only 12.2 [percent] of our national population is black,” she said. “So, if you don’t believe in white privilege, how do you explain this disparity?”

“So why are they in jail?” Kirk quickly responded.

“It has been this way for years — since the 90s,” the female student fired back.

“Why do people go to jail?” Kirk asked.

“Why are black people in jail at higher rates than white people?” the student replied.

“That’s the question, right? Maybe it’s because they commit more crimes than white people,” Kirk said to some applause from the audience.

“But that’s not true,” the student persisted.

“They do. So, every independent analysis has shown that blacks have committed a disproportionate amount of crimes,” Kirk continued. “No one wants to say it out loud, but it’s true.”

He went on to tick off some statistics of his own — crime data from New York City — to demonstrate his point of higher rates of criminal activity by the city’s black population.

“And so the question you should really be asking is what drives them to commit crimes, that’s the question, right?” he said. “The question is — and maybe I can ask you — is, what percentage of blacks are raised by two parents in the home?”

But the student refused to answer, saying instead: “So actually, according to the Uniform Crime Report in 2019, black or African-American individuals committed only about 1 million crimes while white people committed about 4 million crimes.”

That was essentially an admission of the point Kirk was trying to make about outsized criminal activity by the country’s black population.

“How about proportion?” Stuckey asked. “There’s a lot more white people than black people in the United States.”

After thanking the student for having the courage to get up in front of the large crowd and ask her questions, Stuckey pointed out that the student, perhaps unwittingly, “switched from numbers to proportion” in attempting to make her argument.

“You did that to make a point that you thought you were making, but you weren’t,” she said, going back to Kirk’s earlier point about why the black crime rate is high and disproportionate to their overall population in the U.S. — a lack of nuclear family.

Stuckey noted that the highest rates of two-parent homes, high school graduation, and fewest crimes committed are among the country’s Asian population, and that there are more whites behind bars than Asians before asking the student if that is a sign “of discrimination against white people.”

The student remained silent.

“Disparity isn’t proof of discrimination is what I’m trying to say,” Stuckey reasoned.

There’s more, and you can watch it here:


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