BASED MTG: We Need to Bomb the Cartels

BASED MTG: We Need to Bomb the Cartels

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said on Wednesday that the United States was spending dozens of billions of dollars to protect the borders of Ukraine from an invasion while allowing illegal aliens to flood over the borders here at home. She made the comments while saying that it was time to bomb the cartels.

Greene, who recently called for an audit of taxpayer dollars being sent to Ukraine, said that “deadly fentanyl is being trafficked across the border.

“The Biden admin and US Congress has invested $111+ BILLION taxpayer’s dollars in a war defending the borders & people of Ukraine,” Greene continued. “The same admin & congress ignore our own daily border invasion and the record high number of Mexican Cartel fentanyl murders of Americans.”

“Washington always has a lust for war. If that’s the case, they need to turn their lust towards a war that actually defends America’s borders and the American people’s lives. But Joe Biden is the best business partner the cartels have ever had and Joe keeps the drugs flowing. And young Americans, teens to 45, are dying of fentanyl more than covid, cancer, heart disease, and all other deaths combined.

“Joe doesn’t seem to mind drug abuse bc he campaigned for POTUS while his daughter Ashley was in drug rehab writing about inappropriate showers with Dad,” Greene continued. “And we all know the depravity of Hunter’s drug habit, unfortunately we all had to see it on his laptop from hell.”

“But just bc Joe Biden doesn’t care how many Americans die from fentanyl, why don’t the rest of the Democrats care? And some Republicans Senators? You know who does care? The parents who find their teenager dead in their room in the morning. The family members that gets that call that no one ever wants. And each time the toxicology report comes back. Fentanyl.

“Our own federal government is failing our people, and by keeping our borders open, aiding in the cartel’s murders of our people. It should not be tolerated. The federal government has a duty to defend the state’s borders and our people. And it’s the people who pay for it ALL,” the statement concluded.

In a tweet, Greene posted data to back her claims about the cartels killing people. The tweet contains text from a report by members of the US Energy and Commerce Committee, which reads: “In 2021, nearly 108,000 people died of drug overdoses; 71,000 of whom died from fentanyl or fentanyl-related substances. Illicit fentanyl overdose deaths among teens accounted for 77 percent of adolescent overdose deaths in 2021. Illicit fentanyl overdoses are now the number one cause of death among adults 18-45 – more than COVID-19, cancer, heart disease, and all other accidents.”


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