MSNBC's Ruhle Suggests Saudis Helping Trump By Jacking Up Oil Prices

MSNBC's Ruhle Suggests Saudis Helping Trump By Jacking Up Oil Prices

Democrats often accuse conservatives of being conspiracy theorists, but when it comes to insane conspiracy theories, some Democrats are the champions.

MSNBC Senior Business Analyst Stephanie Ruhle said that Russia and Saudi Arabia are cutting oil production, which is causing gas prices to rise, to assist former President Donald Trump to defeat Joe Biden.

“We know that inflation is driving Americans crazy. If you’re unsure, just call your mother. For many, it is their biggest complaint right now. And because President Biden is in the White House, he gets the blame. But over the last few months, one thing he has been pointing to is low gas prices. But, unfortunately, if you look closer, recently, they have been steadily, and quietly, going up. Now, this is a common thing going into the summer. More people drive more, it pushes up demand, that is normal,” she said.

“But there are other reasons as well, ones that may be more deliberate, even political, like Saudi Arabia and Russia continuing to cut oil production until June. And remember, when production is down, prices go up,” the analyst said.

“[T]he last thing that President Biden wants or needs is rising gas prices. But do you know who wants them? Saudi Arabia, Russia, and their bestie bestie best, Donald Trump,” she said.

She then gave cover to President Biden.

“[T]hese prices are not the fault of President Biden. … We’ve got the highest oil production in U.S. history, and some overseas oil producers who would sure like to help DJT,” she said.

Her opinion came as polls show President Biden is being crushed by the former president.

A CNN segment on Tuesday pointed out that Biden is behind former President Donald Trump in six of seven swing states—Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia—while Biden leads by three points in Wisconsin.

What’s more, Trump is leading Biden on issues that are also the biggest concerns for voters this cycle.

“Look at the why: what is going on?  Alright, trusted more, again, this is across all of these key seven swing states,” CNN political analyst Harry Enten said.

“Look, Donald Trump is trusted more than Joe Biden in basically all the important issues — the economy, inflation, 20-point lead, immigration, border, 20-point lead, the Israel-Hamas war, 14-point lead, the Russia-Ukraine war, nine-point lead, protecting democracy, well within the margin of error, which I think is something the that should worry that Biden camp, given that has been harping and Democrats been harping on this,” Enten continued. “Just a one-point advantage.

“On abortion, Democrats and Joe Biden have a 12-point advantage. They would love this campaign to be about abortion, but at this particular point, it‘s about this. And it‘s about this with perhaps a little bit of this,” Enten said, pointing out the main concerns of voters, “and all these issues favor Donald Trump.”


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