MSNBC's Chris Hayes Mocked Incessantly For Falsely Claiming Trump Got Illegal UAE Donations - It Was Hillary

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Mocked Incessantly For Falsely Claiming Trump Got Illegal UAE Donations - It Was Hillary

Hosts, guests, and analysts on MSNBC are frequently ridiculed by conservatives for the truly ridiculous things they say, but those same people also earn derision for consistently being so partisan they fail to do basic fact-checking before they say things.

It was network personality Chris Hayes’ turn this week, who was widely mocked online after he made a false claim about then-GOP presidential contender Donald Trump dating to 2016.

As reported by Fox News, on Monday a federal court in Washington, D.C., unsealed a number of documents linked to a search warrant into several people from the United Arab Emirates. Robert Snell, a reporter for The Detroit News, posted a pair of images from the documents that revealed evidence that Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja and George Nader funneled money from the UAE into the 2016 presidential election. Foreign contributions to American presidential campaigns are barred by law.

Hayes shared Snell’s with the comment “The America First campaign sure had a lot of foreign sponsors!” — ‘America First’ being a dig at Trump’s MAGA campaign slogan and theme.

There’s just one problem with Hayes’ sniping comment: He got the wrong campaign.

Fox News reports:

While Hayes assumed a connection between the illegal donation and former President Trump, older documents suggested otherwise. In 2019, Khawaja and Nader were previously indicted on attempting to funnel more than $3 million in illegal foreign campaign contributions to the 2016 election. While the indictment did not list the candidate by name, campaign finance records indicated that the recipient was Hillary Clinton.

Nader, who previously acted as a liaison between President Trump’s top advisers and officials within the United Arab Emirates, later plead guilty to charges of child sex trafficking and possessing child pornography.

Twitter users reminded Hayes about these facts.

“Lol. The charges in this case were for straw donations to the *Clinton campaign* on behalf of UAE,” Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross tweeted.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, noted, “Um, these were donations…to Hillary. @chrislhayes @msnbc will you correct? And apologize?”

“These were donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” Gov. DeSantis’ press secretary Christiana Pushaw also tweeted.

Others joined in as well.

Hayes’ network colleague Mehdi Hasan made the same mistake of rushing to wrongly blame Trump.

“Some of us warned, when everyone was obsessively focused only on Russia, to also pay attention to the Trump campaign’s alleged financial ties to other foreign nationals like the Emirates,” Hasan tweeted on Monday night.

He, at least, deleted his tweet and owned up to his mistake, but of course, failed to admit that he instinctively blamed Trump because he’s a left-wing partisan.

“Deleted my rushed retweet from last night re UAE money & George Nader, as it was allegedly to Clinton campaign. Nader also cultivated ties between Trump & Gulf folks, hence confusion on my part. Important 1) to correct Twitter mistakes, & 2) keep foreign cash out of US politics,” Hasan wrote.

And not, not ‘allegedly’ to the Clinton campaign, according to verified campaign finance records.

As of this post, and as you can see above, Hayes hasn’t deleted his tweet yet or bothered to correct the record.

Once an MSNBC hack, always an MSNBC hack.


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