MSNBC Host Blames ‘White Women’ for Voting for Men Who Pass ‘Ridiculous Abortion Laws’

MSNBC Host Blames ‘White Women’ for Voting for Men Who Pass ‘Ridiculous Abortion Laws’

On Saturday, MSNBC host Tiffany Cross specifically blamed white women for laws limiting abortion access. Cross began the discussion on her show “Make It Make Sense” with a viewer’s question and comment about her own illegal abortion which she claims medically left her unable to have children of her own.

“My question is, do these people that are making these laws understand what they have done to generations of people?” the viewer asked. Cross responded with vindictive blame towards men and white women.

“No, absolutely. They do not understand. And by ‘they’ I mean the men. The men who hold legislative power to pass these ridiculous abortion laws as if they have an iota of a clue exactly what’s best for women” Cross began.

“But you know who else needs to be held accountable?” Cross continued. “The groups of white women who have overwhelmingly voted Republican for decades, enabling these conservative lawmakers to continuously attempt to pass restrictive reproductive laws” she added.

“Listen, if you don’t want to have an abortion, I’ve got good news for you: You don’t have to. You don’t have to have one” said Cross. “But taking away a sense of agency over other women’s bodies, you are forcing them to face complications like financial instability and dangerous abortion procedures like the one that Celeste, unfortunately, went through.”

“So while federal elections tend to suck up all the oxygen in the room, guys, pay attention to your state reps and state senators and make sure they represent your values and not your tyranny,” Cross concluded.


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