Mom of Skirt Wearing Boy Who Sexually Assaulted Teen in Bathroom Berates Victim, Defends Son in ‘Accident’

Mom of Skirt Wearing Boy Who Sexually Assaulted Teen in Bathroom Berates Victim, Defends Son in ‘Accident’

The mother of a boy who has garnered national media after he wore a skirt into a non-binary bathroom at a Virginia high school and sexually assaulted a young girl has spoken out for the first time publicly. Unfortunately, the mother’s words, much like her son’s actions, were vicious. She said her son just “wanted sex” and berated the victim stating, “you’re fifteen. You can reasonably defend yourself.”

The mother, who currently remains unnamed, defended her son, telling the Daily Mail that her 15-year-old son is not transgender, identifies as male, and simply “wanted sex.” After her son raped the female student, a local judge found him guilty of the sexual assault that occurred in May.

“He’s a 15-year-old boy that wanted to have sex in the bathroom, with somebody that was willing” said the mother. “And they’re twisting this just enough to make it a political hot button issue.” As for wearing a skirt during the assault, the woman did admit her son is “deeply troubled” but was only wearing a skirt that particular day because he has an “androgynous style.”

The mother continued, “he would wear a skirt one day and then the next day, he would wear jeans and a T-shirt, a polo, or hoodie. He was trying to find himself and that involved all kinds of styles. I believe he was doing it because it gave him attention he desperately needed and sought.”

The male student was placed under electronic surveillance, was placed in another high school, and then sexually attacked another female student at the second Loudoun County high school.  Nonetheless, the mother continued to defend her son, claiming the sexual attack in the bathroom was a misunderstanding.

According to how the son described the scenario to her, his mother said the two had met earlier in the day because the female “wasn’t feeling well that day….he was worried about her, asked her how she was feeling, touched her forehead, brought water for her.”

The mother claimed the two discussed having sex later on in the day. “He’d mentioned something about hooking up with her, said they’d discussed it that day and that she was wishy-washy, was like, ‘Yeah, maybe, I still don’t feel well, we’ll see.” She said her son told her later in the day when the girl was feeling “much better” they met to have sex.

The mother claims that the rape was an “accident” because he did not mean to insert himself into her anus. The mother then brought into question the female student’s account of the attack. “If I was in a position where I was about to be raped, I would be screaming, kicking, everything…you’re 15. You can reasonably defend yourself. You’re not just going to sit there and take it. And so, because there wasn’t a presence of a fight, he felt it was okay to keep going.”


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