Mollie Hemingway Sounds Alarm On 'Everything Wrong' With US Elections

Mollie Hemingway Sounds Alarm On 'Everything Wrong' With US Elections

“The Federalist” editor-in-chief Mollie Hemingway masterfully explained during a House hearing on Tuesday all that is wrong with the way elections are being carried out in the U.S.

As conservative Greg Price stated on X, in four minutes, Hemingway adroitly summarized what is going on in America’s elections from “mail-in ballots, to Zuckerbucks, to censorship, to Big Tech censorship, to Democrats trying to put Trump in jail,” comparing it to Soviet Russia.

“Today, the American system of self-governance is under attack. Instead of an election day where everyone votes at the same time and with the same full set of information, votes are counted quickly, and everyone promptly knows and trusts the outcome, we now have lengthy election seasons that can last months prior to and even after election day,” Hemingway she said during testimony.

“The situation is so absurd that we have presidential and gubernatorial debates weeks after some people have already voted instead of having total security and a verifiable chain of custody for ballots being issued, cast, and counted,”  she added.

Hemingway proceeded to address the issue of voter rolls nationwide, noting the recurring failure to remove individuals who have passed away or relocated.

“We flood addresses across the country with tens of millions of unsupervised mail-in ballots months ahead of elections frequently to locations from which voters, if they’re even alive, have long since moved, instead of having an election administration that is rigorously nonpartisan and impartial under the law,” she said.

“We have allowed the private takeover of government election offices by bipartisan oligarchs and their armies of activists who use those offices and their authorities to tilt the election toward favored candidates instead of voters being able to vote for the candidate of their choice,” Hemingway continued.

She subsequently hinted at the tactics employed by the Left, likening them to communist strategies aimed at preventing former Trump from running again out of fear that he will win again. They have resorted to every conceivable dirty political maneuver and have purportedly attempted to financially ruin him and his family to compel his withdrawal from the presidential race, she said.

“Powerful interests backed by wealthy oligarchs are working to remove the most popular candidate and the ruling party’s chief opponent from the ballot in a move reminiscent of Soviet Russia,” Hemingway said.

“And if that weren’t enough, instead of the top candidates chosen by the people being able to fully engage in a vigorous campaign heading into an election, we have one side actively attempting to throw its opponent in prison and bankrupt his family. Again, reminiscent of Soviet Russia instead of a system of rule of law that gives Americans the same rights and due process,” she added.

“The Department of Justice and other partisan actors are prosecuting their opposition, whether powerful or lowly, and doing so in places where partisan juries will ensure a quick conviction instead of a free and independent press that shares news and information to help inform voters,” she pointed out.

“We have a press that is almost exclusively the arm of one political party and is so corrupt that it is willing to perpetrate hoax after hoax against opposition party members instead of a vibrant public square where Americans can debate issues and express their strongly held views,” she noted further.


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