Military Doctors Say They Can't Trust DoD's Medical Database After Whistleblower Claims COVID Vax Injury Reports Were Scrubbed

Military Doctors Say They Can't Trust DoD's Medical Database After Whistleblower Claims COVID Vax Injury Reports Were Scrubbed

More evidence that Joe Biden’s administration is covering up negative data regarding COVID-19 and vaccines has emerged.

According to a report by Just the News on Wednesday, a group of military doctors who have become alarmed by recent spikes in miscarriages, cancer, myocarditis, and other serious health issues during the first year of COVID-19 vaccines says they can no longer trust the U.S. military’s medical database.

The report adds:

Lt. Col. Peter Chambers said he was now giving potential vaccine-injury cases, from his own practice and that of colleagues, directly to Sen. Ron Johnson for the Wisconsin Republican’s ongoing pressure on the Department of Defense (DOD) to end COVID vaccine mandates.

Their last rendezvous was a few weeks ago in Dallas, where Chambers is based, the retiring Green Beret surgeon and Purple Heart recipient said in a phone interview this week. All service members have signed a release for their records, which include case numbers but not names, to be shared, Chambers said.

Johnson’s office confirmed the meeting to the news outlet, saying the GOP senator “has acknowledged and given those with vaccine injuries a platform to share their stories,” including doctors. “His goal is to get them the treatment they need.”

Among Johnson’s most recent actions in relation to the vax mandates, he has pressed three Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in his home state to end their “pointless and destructive” mandates on the employees who sought out his help.

Earlier this year, the Defense Department took down, edited, and replace the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database after other whistleblowers including Chambers gave testimony on the reported spikes in medical events for a legal challenge.

“The department told PolitiFact — not Johnson, who had sent two letters on the matter — the 2021 spike was the product of a ‘glitch’ that caused severe underreporting of 2016-2020 figures. That would mean the military underreported cases by about 20 million a year during that period, whistleblower lawyer Tom Renz said,” Just the News reported.

In response, Johnson demanded that the DoD preserve records that had not been altered; a Pentagon spokesperson told the outlet that had happened, adding:

Chambers told Just the News that DMED used to be more trustworthy than the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System but now it’s “completely unusable” because DOD changed many diagnoses that suggested vaccine injury after the military doctors went public.

Working on the border with the Texas National Guard, he personally observed highly unusual problems in “a healthy population that should not be seeing these things,” from myocarditis to “brain bleeds,” and continues to receive similar reports in his “retirement section.”

As for himself, Chambers said he personally developed demyelination — the destruction of myelin, the fatty protective covering on nerve cells — after getting the Moderna vaccine in January 2021. That led him and Lt. Col. Theresa Long, another whistleblower, to review DMED.

According to the report, Long is under a gag order and thus, would be subject to military discipline and a court-martial if she spoke publicly, Chambers said. That would likely mean jail time and a dishonorable discharge.

“Chambers, Long and lawyer Renz joined a group letter to the Federal Aviation Administration in December, demanding the medical ‘flagging’ of all COVID vaccinated pilots and their testing for heart problems,” the report stated.

“After vaccinated pilot Robert Snow suffered cardiac arrest shortly after landing an American Airlines flight, anti-mandate pilots group U.S. Freedom Flyers accused the FAA of ignoring the risk to flights from such adverse events,” it adds.


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