Memphis Spree Shooter Was Released EARLY After Plea Bargain

Memphis Spree Shooter Was Released EARLY After Plea Bargain

An exclusive report by Fox News shows that Memphis mass shooter Ezekiel Kelly, who shot seven people and killed four during a rampage on Wednesday, had previously been involved in a shooting in 2020, wherein he shot two and nearly killed a third.

Kelly took a plea deal and admitted only to felony aggravated assault charges, and was sentenced to three years in prison. He served just 11 months and would be released in March.

Fox News reports that Kelly initially was indicted for attempted first-degree murder in the shooting of Lamarcus Grandberry in what was a gang-related assault of Edward Rodgers. That incident involved a firearm and he was charged with reckless endangerment of Rutrundra Gaston, allegedly putting her in “imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury.”

His charges would later be upgraded to first-degree murder charges, according to court records. Kelly would end up taking a plea deal to reduce the charge of aggravated assault.

Kelly was released in March and worked with an aide in a home for the elderly before he went on his rampage on Wednesday, according to his aunt.

Shelby County District Attorney General Steve Mulroy said that he was concerned and that the defendant would be held without bail due to the alleged crimes.

“They’re concerned about a horrible week we’ve had here in Memphis,” said Kelly. “We understand how the public feels, and we want to reassure the public that we and law enforcement are working around the clock on these cases to prevent things like this from happening in the future.”

“I’ve said this before, and I think it bears repetition. This office takes repeat violent offenders very seriously,” he told reporters. “It merits a strong response.”

Kelly’s alleged crime spree involved the shooting death of a mother, who worked as a nurse. She was killed in front of her daughter, just four years old.


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