Majority of Yale Law School Students Don't Like Cops Or Free Speech

Majority of Yale Law School Students Don't Like Cops Or Free Speech

Our country is headed for a massive spasm in the not-too-distant future that will decide whether it remains a constitutional republic (though it is only nominally one now) or be transformed into an authoritarian system built on mob rule and mob justice.

That’s because our nation’s elite institutions of higher education are not creating the next generation of brilliant thinkers and administrators but instead are churning out Josef Stalin clones who have been conditioned to hate our founding principles, based on a false premise nothing much has changed in America after 240-odd years.

As reported by Breitbart News, more than 400 students at Yale Law School, representing over 60 percent of the school’s student body, signed an open letter shunning free speech as well as a continued police presence on the campus “after hysterical woke students shouted down a bipartisan panel about civil liberties featuring the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).”

In February, nearly 120 law school students interrupted a bipartisan panel discussion by attempting to shout down and intimidate the speakers, both of whom had to later be escorted out of the building by police. One of our country’s supposed ‘best and brightest’ potential Ivy League graduates shouted at the ADF rep: “I will literally fight you, b**ch!”

Breitbart News adds:

After that, over 60 percent of Yale Law School’s student body signed an open letter condemning the school for inviting a representative from ADF to campus, and calling on administrators to change Yale Law “policies or practices that invite police officers onto our campus in response to peaceful student protests.” …

Yale Law School had hosted the bipartisan panel in hopes to show students that a liberal atheist and a conservative Christian can find common ground on free speech issues.

“We write as a coalition of queer students and allies deeply concerned with the presence of armed police at a peaceful protest of law students on campus,” the letter begins, adding that “an organic student protest emerged” in response to the panel, “and, instead of listening to student concerns, faculty told peaceful student protesters to ‘grow up.'”

“We write today because, in addition to the deeply disrespectful presence of ADF on campus and the faculty moderator’s dismissal of our peaceful action as childish, armed police officers were called into the Sterling Law Building in response to our exercise of peaceful protest,” they continued, leaving out the ‘I’ll fight you, b**ch’ part, conveniently.

“The safety of a large contingent of YLS students — a group of largely LGBTQ and BIPOC students — was put at risk, possibly by our own administration,” the letter claimed. “We are saddened and appalled that a group of YLS’ most vulnerable students were put in danger.”

“We urge YLS to change any policies or practices that invite police officers onto our campus in response to peaceful student protests,” the letter continued.

It also called on the school’s administration to “work to build explicit policy that such a response is unwarranted, regardless of who summons police officers.”

After the outburst and the patently absurd display of an unconstitutional attitude, a D.C. District Court judge urged his colleagues not to offer clerkships to any of the students who signed the letter.

“Federal judges are taking note of what’s happening at Yale Law School and similar institutions (and not because many of them are readers of Original Jurisdiction),” wrote David Lat via Original Jurisdiction, a newsletter on Substack about law and legal affairs, on Thursday.

“Here’s what Judge Laurence Silberman (D.C. Cir.) just wrote by email to all of his fellow Article III judges,” Lat added:

The latest events at Yale Law School, in which students attempted to shout down speakers participating in a panel discussion on free speech, prompt me to suggest that students who are identified as those willing to disrupt any such panel discussion should be noted. All federal judges — and all federal judges are presumably committed to free speech — should carefully consider whether any student so identified should be disqualified from potential clerkships.

Our nation is in big trouble when these Ivy League Marxists make their way into our governing institutions.

To read the full report and list of names, check out the story from Breitbart News.


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