Medical School Considering Hiring 'Leaders' Based on Social Justice Views While Downplaying Gender Instruction

Medical School Considering Hiring 'Leaders' Based on Social Justice Views While Downplaying Gender Instruction

U.S. institutions of higher learning have leaned to the left for decades but for the most part, they still stuck to hard-and-fast biological truths and proven science, while generally avoiding policies that are blatantly discriminatory and unconstitutional.

But over the past year, especially, academia has shifted even harder left, politicizing the most fundamental aspects of our very existence, if not our form of government.

Case in point: The brainiacs who run the University of North Carolina School of Medicine are seriously considering implementing policies that prioritize left-wing ideology in consideration of leadership positions rather than capability while de-emphasizing gender distinctions in curriculum, something that is frankly insane when it comes to the subject of teaching medical care.

As noted by Red State, in June 2020, the college created a social justice task force aimed at completely overhauling the curriculum. UNC SOM’s website noted:

“[W]e recognize the importance of integrating social justice into the curriculum to prepare our students and trainees to improve health equity and reduce health disparities. In addition, a just learning environment where faculty are well prepared to support a diverse learner group is essential for our success.”

The focus: “Equity and power”:

The Task Force used a multifaceted approach to achieve its goal and recruited a diverse group of individuals for the sake of equity and inclusion. By recruiting a diverse group and using a concentric ring structure of leadership, we aimed to distribute power to all participants and allow thoughts to flow in all directions among members.

In its final report issued in October 2020, the task force recommended 42 learning objectives related to “health disparities, community strategies, bias/stereotyping, cross-cultural communication, use of interpreters, and self-reflection/culture of medicine that it expects medical students to review by graduation.”

And, of course, the task force demanded that the medical school own up to the ‘fact’ that it’s just another ‘systemically racist’ institution:

[C]ountless medical associations and educators are calling for medical schools to clearly acknowledge racism as a public health emergency by incorporating more education about systemic racism and how to practice antiracism into training.


In actuality, the task force aims to ensure that UNC is at the forefront of major societal change:

To meet the needs of a growing diverse state, a curriculum embedded in social justice and antiracist components is essential to patient care, health equity, reduction of health disparities, and most importantly, social change.

Mind you, colleges and universities have been run by left-wing Democrat voters for eons. so it is worth pointing out that these same people demanding ‘change’ and an end to ‘institutional racism’ at places like UNC are unable to process that fact.

And to be sure, just because you say you’re not a racist, well, that’s not good enough, per CNN, which notes that “anti-racism” curriculum rips statements like these:

  • “We’re all one human race/big happy family.”
  • “I’m colorblind; I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, green or purple.”

Also, no uber-left-wing shift in curriculum today would be complete without the customary mention of George Floyd (and the pandemic):

COVID 19 and the murder of George Floyd (and countless other people of color) has unveiled an ongoing reality that race has been and continues to be an extreme problem in America. … To navigate this problem, we must continue to address the implications of race in our educational system and history. If we fail to meet this challenge, we will continue to experience and witness the disparities that disproportionately affect people of color.

There is no rational data that proves ‘race continues to be an extreme problem in America’ but you can’t say that lest you be canceled.

And finally, this: Genderless medicine:

All block directors and course directors will have changed their curricula by the fall of 2021 to adhere to the following core concepts:

5. Explain the difference between sex and gender and how specific organs and cells do not belong to specific genders.

Literally, medical care is very often gender-based, so we can only imagine what kind of practitioners UNC will be churning out in a few years.

The left has essentially destroyed what once was one of the finest higher education systems in the world. The culture is next, as these ‘grads’ filter back into society.


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