Legal Group Calls For Michigan Bar Investigation Into Rashida Tlaib Over Antisemitism

Legal Group Calls For Michigan Bar Investigation Into Rashida Tlaib Over Antisemitism

The Coolidge Reagan Foundation, a nonpartisan legal group, is urging the Michigan State Bar to investigate and potentially sanction Representative Rashida Tlaib for what they consider to be instances of antisemitic rhetoric.

The foundation, which operates with the belief that individuals spreading inflammatory and discriminatory statements should be held accountable, is calling for an inquiry into Tlaib’s comments. In their view, Tlaib’s recent censure by the House of Representatives for “repeated reprehensible statements” underscores the need for a closer examination of her actions.

According to Dan Backer, counsel for the Coolidge Reagan Foundation, Tlaib’s rhetoric violates the ethics code of the Michigan bar. Backer expresses concern over the broader societal issue where individuals engage in objectionable behavior without facing consequences, stating, “The fundamental problem is that people do horrible things, and they’re never held accountable for it.”

“I was reading … what she was saying, and I was like, ‘You know, this is really outrageous. How is this OK?’” Backer said. “And then I remember, ‘Well, she’s in Michigan, I wonder if she’s a lawyer.'”

“And I looked it up, and she was,” Backer said. “And so we talked about it internally. We realized that people need to be held accountable.”

The complaint filed by the foundation references Tlaib’s censure and accuses her of spreading antisemitic propaganda in connection with her remarks on the actions of the international terrorist group Hamas. The complaint contends that her statements, including endorsing the violent destruction of Israel and making reckless false accusations of genocide, raise significant questions about her character and fitness to practice law.

“The State Bar of Michigan should initiate an investigation and impose appropriate sanctions against an attorney who spreads anti-Semitic propaganda and lies in support of an officially designated Foreign Terrorist Organization,” the foundation’s complaint states, Fox News Digital reports.


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