Left-Wing Teacher Makes Insane Claim: 'Kids Are Dying' Due to Fla. Parental Rights Law

Left-Wing Teacher Makes Insane Claim: 'Kids Are Dying' Due to Fla. Parental Rights Law

The hard left is full of unhinged people, we know that, but it never ceases to amaze us just how unhinged some of them allowed themselves to become in opposition to even sensible public policies — like preventing young children from being exposed to conversations and curriculum about sex.

A leftist school teacher posted to the “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account claimed that the mainstream media should be less reactionary, adding that children are “dying” from the debate over Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” law that forbids teachers to discuss gender identity and sexual orientation with kids from kindergarten through the third grade.

Florida teacher Ravi Ramirez told Brian Stelter on CNN+ (though not for much longer considering the network has already been canceled) that she was criticized by users online after the Libs of TikTok account posted her video complaining about the Florida law.

Ramirez told Stelter media outlets shouldn’t take part in “reactionary behavior” and instead report the facts (fair enough).

“Already, teachers have lost jobs. Many teachers have had to take down safe spaces, posters from their classroom. Many of them have had to change the way they speak to their kids. So I think focusing on the human impact of these black and white letters on a piece of paper, you know what is this doing to our family, what is this doing to our teachers, the stress levels,” Ramirez said.

“I think it’s too much and I think it’s a personal attack on public education in general. They want to privatize education. They don’t want to make education accessible to all people. So it’s important to ensure that, you know, we don’t want to get reactionary behavior, which is very human and normal, but provide the facts, but never forget the real impacts,” she noted further.

“You know, kids are dying because of this and that’s my biggest concern,” she went on to claim without evidence — and, of course, without being challenged from CNN’s incurious little ‘media analyst,’ Stelter.

“I want to save kids’ lives. If I acknowledge one child and letting them know that they are safe with me and that they are loved by me, that can make such a huge difference, it can change and save their lives, so let’s not let them forget that,” she concluded.

Nick Fondacaro posted the clip to his Twitter account, explaining: “The deranged lib teacher claims the parents who don’t want to sexually indoctrinate kids ‘don’t want to make education accessible to all people.’ ‘Kids are dying because of this,’ she declares, citing no evidence and with no push back from Stelter.”

These are nothing more than the same old left-wing talking points in opposition to what polls say most Florida residents, including Democrats, believe is a very sensible law. But as usual, the Democrat Party hard left is all about the destruction of existing American cultural and societal mores, values, and standards.


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