KY High School Principal Under Investigation After ‘Provocative Photos’ Including ‘Lap Dances’ for Staff Emerge

KY High School Principal Under Investigation After ‘Provocative Photos’ Including ‘Lap Dances’ for Staff Emerge

A Kentucky high school principal is being investigated after “provocative photos of spirit events at Hazard High School posted on social media showed teen girls parading around the gym dressed as Hooters waitresses and boys being paddles” reports the New York Post.

Photos also show the principal and other staff members receiving what appear to be a lap dances by a boy dressed in women’s lingerie at the homecoming event. “The most eyebrow-raising pics show a teen dancing seductively near Donald ‘Happy’ Mobelini, who is both principal of Hazard High School and the city’s mayor” writes the Post.

Sondra Combs, Superintendent for Hazard Independent, said the incidents are currently under investigation. “The incident is under investigation and as you know anything under investigation I really can’t talk about,” Combs reportedly said. “Once the investigation is complete, appropriate action will be taken.”

Principal Mobelini has been investigated twice previously for alcohol related incidents involving students. Reportedly photos surfaced of his driving kids around as they drank and smoked.

Oddly enough, the photos had been posted to the Hazard High School Athletics Facebook page, but had been removed by Wednesday night. “But a photo on the page of teen girls in Hooters t-shirts and those depicting male students being paddled remained on the page Wednesday morning” reported local Kentucky paper the Lexington Herald-Leader.

A schedule of homecoming activities for Tuesday on the High Schools Facebook page listed a “man pageant” the local paper noted. Nema Brewer, a co-founder of the public education group Ky. 120 United, was among the people critical of the school’s activities. “Public education is under so much fire right now. This kind of stuff is not helpful. In fact, it’s disgusting. It appears they are sexualizing young adults,” Brewer told the Herald-Leader.


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