Kellyanne Conway Rips NY Times Over Poll Showing Dems Winning Tight Senate Races

Kellyanne Conway Rips NY Times Over Poll Showing Dems Winning Tight Senate Races

Critics of the New York Times see the paper’s latest survey showing Democrats winning tight races and maintaining control over the Senate as more of the same fake polling seen ahead of recent election cycles.

In an appearance on Fox News on Monday to discuss the results, Robert Wolf, who is the former economic adviser to former President Barack Obama, used the Times survey to predict that Democrats would win everything during next week’s midterm elections, despite a series of other surveys in recent weeks indicating Republicans are dominating the most important issues.

Wolf appeared with former top Trump political adviser Kellyanne Conway, who, of course, disagreed.

“Well, I was pleasantly surprised it has us up 5+ points on most of those. I don’t look at polls that closely, Kellyanne, that’s what she does for a living. My gut feel is that we’re gonna do better election night, you know, than kind of what the GOP thinks. I know they’re out there saying there’s a wave… there’s no wave coming,” said Wolf.

“I think Warnock’s gonna win. I think it will probably go to a run-off. I think Kelly will win. I think Tim Ryan is going to be an upset victor in Ohio. And I think Fetterman’s gonna pull it out,” he noted further, ticking off a series of Senate races.

Then, Conway responded.

“It’s pretty simple. First of all, the New York Times poll has been a disaster. They have beclowned and embarrassed themselves in the last couple of cycles. Let’s roll the tape. Let’s show the receipts,” she said to begin her analysis.

“In 2020 alone, they had Mark Kelly winning by 7, won by two. They had Biden up six points in Pennsylvania. He won by barely a point. Biden up three points in Iowa… Trump won by eight. Martha, that’s an eleven-point difference and when you do things like that, you are depressing voters. You are telling the voters it’s over. Your vote, your voice, and your choice don’t matter because you can’t help the underdog,” Conway pointed out.

Host Martha MacCallum then asked why those surveys were so wrong.

“They’re off because of their sample part. Most of it is the science part. But let me just tell you about the Senate races quickly. They were way off on the Senate races as well. They had Thom Tillis losing [in North Carolina]… he’s a reelected Republican senator. They had Susan Collins losing [in Maine]. She won by nine points. Lindsey Graham [in South Carolina] won by ten points. Those are not squeakers and I think their science is way off,” she asserted.

“But also, I just tweeted out if anyone wants a@KellyannePolls… I don’t like Twitter, but I like the new Elon Musk Twitter a lot, so I tweeted out that I show Nate Cohn, who runs the upshot for the New York Times, has put out four or five articles in the last couple of months where he just can’t be wrong this cycle. First, he has the Democrats holding the House. Then he has the Republicans winning everything and so that’s not helpful to anybody and anything,” Conway continued.

“But look, polls are a snapshot in time. They show you the fundamental shifts. And right now, Robert, respectfully, the shifts are that voters are talking about rising crime and rising costs. Parents and moms are still upset about education. And, in Georgia, I think it goes to a run-off, and Herschel Walker pulls it out. They’ve gone a little too far in the personal attacks… that bothers people. When you’re not attacking crime, you’re not attacking inflation, you’re attacking your opponent,” she added.


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