Judge Orders Nathan Wade's Former Partner to Testify In Fani Willis Case

Judge Orders Nathan Wade's Former Partner to Testify In Fani Willis Case

A judge has directed Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce attorney to resume testimony on Monday, focusing on the timeline of his client’s purported intimate involvement with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Allegations suggest that when Terrence Bradley’s client was appointed by the district attorney to act as the special prosecutor in former President Donald Trump’s Georgia election interference case, he possessed firsthand knowledge that Willis and Wade were already in a relationship.

During a hearing on February 15, Bradley cited Wade’s attorney-client privilege when he chose not to answer questions regarding the relationship between the district attorney and the special prosecutor.

Judge Scott McAfee ruled that the divorce lawyer and his counsel “did not meet their burden of establishing that the communication(s) are covered by attorney-client privilege and therefore the hearing can resume as to Mr. Bradley’s examination,” according to CNN.

“Trump and several of his co-defendants are seeking Willis’ disqualification from the case and to have all charges against them dismissed over the alleged relationship, arguing that the DA benefited financially from the alleged romance and that it compromised the integrity of the case,” the New York Post reported.

“Lawyers for Trump recently revealed that dozens of pings from Wade’s cellphone indicate that the special prosecutor made overnight trips to Willis’ rented condo and communicated with the DA earlier than they have both have previously testified that their relationship began. McAfee will decide on whether to allow the cellphone data as evidence at a Friday hearing, according to Fox News,” the outlet added.

According to court documents, Wade allegedly visited Willis’ condo at least 35 times before being hired by Trump’s legal team.

In his testimony last week, Wade stated that prior to his hiring in November 2021, he visited the property no more than ten times.

According to Willis and Wade, they started dating at the beginning of 2022, but that date is now being called into question by witnesses. Should the court find that the two submitted false statements, they could face discipline in addition to being removed from the case, reports said.


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