Jonathan Turley Calls Out Biden Family Over Failure to Answer Questions, Provide Docs

Jonathan Turley Calls Out Biden Family Over Failure to Answer Questions, Provide Docs

George Washington University law professor and law expert Jonathan Turley called out Hunter Biden during a segment on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s program Monday, accusing him of taking legal actions that he says are exposing witnesses to litigation.

He also said that amid the Biden family’s protestations that they did nothing “untoward” in terms of business deals with foreign entities, they should just release financial information that would clear their names.

Also, he hit back at the claim by the Bidens and by Democrats that there is “no evidence” for Republicans to launch an impeachment inquiry or to dig deeper into Hunter Biden’s past.

“It is a case of willful blindness to say that there is no evidence. Many in the media now rather belatedly admit that Hunter Biden was engaged in influence-peddling,”Turley said. “He was suggesting that he was selling access to his father, but they insist that’s only an illusion. That all of these corrupt figures are just chumps that they fleeced for all of this money.

“How do you know that? That is the reason you have an impeachment inquiry,” Turley, who is also a constitutional expert, noted.

“Instead of revealing information that could clear up this information, the White House and Hunter Biden are resisting these efforts,” Turley continued. “And that is why an impeachment inquiry is so important.”

Turley then knocked Hunter for filing legal against the Internal Revenue Service, accusing agency whistleblowers of compromising his privacy.

“This latest attack on the IRS whistleblowers, I discussed back in February when there was a meeting of the team planning a scorched earth campaign against witnesses. What is interesting about that meeting is that it was leaked to ‘The Washington Post.’ Hunter Biden’s team wanted witnesses to know that they were going to go after them,” Turley said.

“They wanted them to note that they were going to go aggressive and target witnesses. And that is what we have seen. Sued the owner of the computer shop and an absolutely ridiculous countersuit where Hunter Biden is saying that he still can’t confirm that this is actually his laptop or that these emails are authentic, but he does claim that his privacy was invaded when the contents were revealed. How does that work?” Turley went on.

“So these are all efforts to attack witnesses, to draw them out financially, expose them to litigation, but it is not going to work,” he predicted. “This impeachment inquiry is on the road. He’s going to be getting subpoenas, and he is going to have to answer questions.

“The question that I have is, why don’t you want to answer those questions? Why doesn’t the president or Hunter Biden release some of these financial records, show that this money didn’t go to them from untoward sources? Instead, they’re being everything but helpful,” he added.


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