Joe Rogan: FBI Raid Was To Stop Trump 2024 Run

Joe Rogan: FBI Raid Was To Stop Trump 2024 Run

Joe Rogan questioned the mainstream media narrative around the Trump Mar-a-Lago raid conducted by the FBI during his episode with Seth Dillon, CEO of the satirical right-wing news site The Babylon Bee.

“I mean like, legally, what did they find? And is he actually in trouble? Because I think the goal was to try to knock him out of the 2024 elections, right? By trying him for crimes. What did he do?” Rogan asked Dillon during Tuesday’s episode.

“Is it really about confidential information that he shouldn’t have had in his home that was so important they couldn’t just ask for it, they had to go in and get it?” said Dillon.

The FBI has claimed that its raid was over documents brought back by Trump to his estate. Trump has said that the Bureau was “playing politics” by raiding him. He also said adding that the documents could have been asked for “at any time.”

Additionally, Trump said that evidence could have been planted by the FBI during the raid for “classified documents.

“I think the problem is having it, right?” Rogan said. “Because if you have it in an unsecure location, meaning unsecure, in terms of the government’s protection, it’s not locked up in archives, it’s not in a place that’s very difficult to access, you have control personally over the access to something that’s top secret.”

“If that’s the case, then that’s a problem. Because that safe can be opened, people can get in there, people can get the code, they can copy it, they can send it to China,” Rogan said, according to New York Post. “Do you think that’s a genuine concern? Or is it — they want to find something, anything, that they can use to prevent him from running again?” Dillon asked.

“I think both things are valid,” Rogan replied. “I think, if they’re just doing that, and they’re using the FBI in a way that they would never use it against Hillary Clinton, and they’re going after him in a way they would never go after Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list, then we have a real conversation. But that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a real conversation about should someone have access.”

“You’re not above the law, and you can’t decide that you’re not going to follow the law because you know better. And I don’t know if that’s the case,” Rogan said.


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