Jack Posobiec Digs Into ND Man's Murder of Conservative Teen

Jack Posobiec Digs Into ND Man's Murder of Conservative Teen

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec highlighted President Joe Biden’s eagerness to divide and his scapegoating of Americans after an 18-year-old boy was killed by a 41-year-old North Dakota man, allegedly for political reasons.

“So about one week ago, President Biden gave that completely unhinged anti-MAGA speech where he essentially directed his supporters and his followers towards hatred and the very specific targeting of a scapegoat group, that being MAGA Americans,” said Posobiec. “This is what tyrants and despots do. They can’t take any responsibility for their own failures and the failures of their regime, so what do they do? They whip up anger at a specific group of people and they blame all of their own failings on that group of people. In this case, President Biden does that toward MAGA Republicans and MAGA Americans.”

“Well, what happened next? A driver has admitted to intentionally killing a teenager at a North Dakota street dance after a political dispute. 41-year-old Shannon Brandt was chasing an 18-year-old named Cayler Ellingson was being chased after the street dance at 2:30 in the morning, way out in rural North Dakota, 120 miles northwest of Fargo.

Posobiec then described how Ellingson texted his mother asking her to come pick him up to save his life. By the time she arrived to the scene, however, Ellingson had already been killed.

The suspect, Shannon Brandt, said that he was afraid the teen was part of a “Republican extremist group” and that he acted due to a “political argument” between him and Ellingson, according to officer Christopher Allen.

“Why was a 41-year-old drunk at a street dance with a bunch of kids like this to begin with?” asked Posobiec. “This is what has happened. This is where we are in our country. The president of the United States goes out and gives an anti-MAGA speech, says ‘target these people, these are the scapegoats, these are the people that you must hate,’ and then what happens? We turn around and a liberal kills a conservative. It’s the exact opposite of everything Biden has warned about.”

“It’s the opposite of what the media tells us is going to happen. They talk about QAnon, they talk about all sorts of crazy stuff but guess what, this is the type of low-level murderous rage that’s going on not only in North Dakota but all throughout 2022, CHAZ, the burning of cities, Washington DC. What’s going to come next?” Posobiec concluded.


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