'It's Not Unusual' for Biden to Forget Congresswoman Died: White House Press Sec

'It's Not Unusual' for Biden to Forget Congresswoman Died: White House Press Sec

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was forced to defend yet another disastrous gaffe by her boss, President Joe Biden, on Wednesday after the elderly president asked if a deceased Republican representative was in attendance at an event.

Biden made the error while thanking bipartisan elected officials that worked together on issues around food security. After naming several politicians, Biden named “Jackie,” then asked “Where’s Jackie?” and “Jackie, are you here?”

Jackie Walorski died in a head-on auto collision in August of this year in Indiana. The President’s office even issued a statement after her death and thanked her for her work on food security issues in the House Hunger Caucus.

Jean-Pierre was asked why Biden thought the deceased congresswoman was “living and in the room.” She responded by saying that she does “not find it confusing.”

“Sometimes when you have someone top of mind, they’re top of mind, Exactly that,” she explained “It’s also, if you put it in the context, it’s not like it happened outside of context. It happened at an event where we were calling out congressional champions of this important issue when it comes to food and security, something that this administration has led on since the beginning of this administration. Not just across the country, but also globally.”

“Look, he was at an event, ya’ll saw, ya’ll watched, which is why you’re asking, where he was calling out congressional leaders, bipartisan leadership that we’ve seen on this particular issue,” Jean-Pierre said. “Again, he’s going to see her family in just two days, and she was on top of mind. That is not an unusual scenario.”

The reporter said that he thinks of John Lennon often, but that he knows that he’s dead.

“When you sign a bill for John Lennon… then we can have this conversation,” said Jean-Pierre.

“These moments of confusion keep happening… This is a legitimate question, we need to have some answers,” one reporter fired back.

Later on, Jean-Pierre was asked about Biden’s gaffe, to which she said that he was “jumping into a lot of conclusions.”

“I’m answering the question. I just answered the question. If that had been the case, I would have stated that. What I had said is that she was on top of mind, and that she’s going to see her family in just two days time to honor her work, to honor her legacy, if you will,” she said.

Jean-Pierre did not go into detail how the president knew he would be visiting the deceased’s family, but forgot that she was not alive.


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