Invasion USA: Eight-Step Plan Introduced to Stop Migrant Border Rush of 500k Per MONTH

Invasion USA: Eight-Step Plan Introduced to Stop Migrant Border Rush of 500k Per MONTH

The Biden regime has announced it will end Title 42, the Trump-era COVID-19 pandemic policy put in place to allow U.S. Border Patrol and immigration authorities to quickly deport anyone caught sneaking illegally into the country.

And in response, literally hundreds of thousands of migrants are now either moving towards the U.S. or are poised along the U.S.-Mexico border waiting to invade our country when the policy officially ends in early May.

Already, experts are predicting a crisis of epic proportions: According to a Customs and Border Protection source who confided to Fox Business, there are likely to be more than a half-million encounters with people crossing illegally into the U.S. by the end of May.

“A source within CBP who has worked in law enforcement for 20+ years –  who is familiar with the process – who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity tells me DHS is bracing for as many as 500,000 migrants in the six weeks following Title 42 being lifted,” wrote network correspondent Hillary Vaughn.

That’s obscene. More than that, it is simply unsustainable.

With that in mind, Daniel Horowitz has published an eight-point plan that states could and should implement in response to the pathetic refusal of the Biden administration to perform the most basic responsibility of any administration: Protect American sovereignty.

“This is no longer immigration, but an orchestrated invasion,” he wrote, adding and explaining his recommendations:

— Texas, Arizona governors should use their own resources to replace federal agencies at their borders with Mexico. “The governors and legislatures of those states should authorize state troopers to return any alien they catch to Mexico, regardless of federal policy. One can debate the threshold of an emergency and at what point they can no longer remain subservient to the capricious whims of federal enforcement, but clearly we have crossed that line,” Horowitz noted.

— Interior states also have a role to play. “States should create new categories of crime through which to hold criminal aliens so that they are not released or given over to the feds. The degree of criminality from criminal aliens is unfathomable,” Horowitz said.

— Inform their respective citizens of every crime committed by an illegal alien. “Every GOP-run state should publish weekly data on how many illegal aliens were arrested by criminal offense category,” he noted. “This is an information war, and if the public knew the extent of the illegal alien criminality in this country and in their communities, they would raise hell with their elected officials.”

— Enforce state borders by blocking buses carrying illegals. The Biden regime has been shipping illegal aliens all over the country, often in the middle of the night, so Horowitz recommends states enforce their own borders like they did during COVID. “Let’s not forget that states engaged in travel bans on fellow Americans during the pandemic. If they suddenly had the power to keep out American citizens, then during a crisis of this magnitude they have the power to keep out illegal aliens,” he wrote, adding that state National Guard units should be used.

He goes on to recommend states verify legal status for all state benefits, have red states mandate E-verify for businesses to ensure that the lure of jobs would at least reroute illegals to blue states, prosecute identity theft, and tax all remittances to Mexico and Latin America.

Horowitz concludes:

“But can a state do this?” you might ask. Well, Article I, § 10, cl. 3 allows states to even go a step further. The Compact Clause bars states from raising an army and engaging in war, but makes an exception when “actually invaded or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.” In other words, when they are in imminent danger of an invasion, they can raise an army and actually engage in war. We are merely advocating a more passive and defensive measure of just keeping out the invaders. …

When it came to crushing the basic liberties of Americans, we were told by nearly every federal court that the “police powers” of the state were unlimited. After having gone through the horrors of the past two years, we are not going to accept a sudden limitation on state powers to deal with an invasion orchestrated by the federal government’s unconstitutional abrogation of immigration laws.


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