Ingraham: Haley Now 'Media's Favorite Republican' For One Disturbing Reason

Ingraham: Haley Now 'Media's Favorite Republican' For One Disturbing Reason

Fox News host Laura Ingraham broke down much of the media coverage following the third GOP primary debate earlier this week and concluded that former South Carolina governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has become their “favorite Republican” for a troubling reason.

Noting that it’s political “suicide” for Haley, Ingraham said the media has begun quietly hyping her because of her pro-war stances.

“After last night’s debate, one conclusion is undeniable: The media wants Nikki Haley as the GOP nominee,” Ingraham began following the debate Wednesday evening in Miami.

“Look at these headlines from Politico,” Ingraham said as she cited examples of the media essentially fawning over Haley.

“Most of their reporters agreed Nikki Haley had the best night. And in a tweet, ‘Nikki Haley’s ascension, and the 2024 primary was hard to ignore,’” she read.

“And high praise over at The New York Times, too. They’re saying Haley won all three debates! And let’s not forget, MSNBC – they’re in about as much in love as they can be with a Republican whose last name isn’t Bush, Cheney, Kinzinger or Romney,” Ingraham continued.

“Well, it’s nice to get good press. I do get that,” Ingraham continued. “But politically, this is suicide for Nikki Haley,” she said.

“There’s no future in the Republican Party for someone who’s been endorsed by Politico and The New York Times. So Nikki Haley can be a media hero, or she can be a leader in the GOP, but she cannot be both,” the prime-time Fox News star declared.

“So if Nikki Haley wants to win GOP support, she has to explain how she’s just not the second coming of the Bushes and Liz Cheney,” Ingraham suggested.

“But right now, it appears from listening to her last night, at least, that she is. Otherwise, the media wouldn’t be rallying to her. But the fact is, she’s relentlessly pro-war, which in a match-up with Biden, would allow him to take the peace lane,” the Fox News host warned, adding, “That’s great for Biden.”

“Could she win over the Trump voters? Hard to see how she could do that,” she continued.

“But one idea, I guess, would be for her to travel to a battleground state and then pick a fight over a cause that actually makes the media mad. How about that?” Ingraham suggested.

“It’s my view after last night, as it has been in every debate, that Ron DeSantis emerges strongest,” she said. “This is because he has the most experience as a successful chief executive, along with a clear populist message that voters are aligned with.”


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