Ilhan Omar Spends Big on Private Security After Calling for Defunding Police

Ilhan Omar Spends Big on Private Security After Calling for Defunding Police

Another far-left “Squad” member has been exposed for her monumental hypocrisy over personal security.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), one of many ‘progressives’ who have called for defunding police leaving ordinary Americans defenseless in the face of crime, has spent tens of thousands on her own personal security.

Fox News notes:

The Minnesota Democrat’s campaign spent $27,081.14 on “security services” between July and September, almost all of which went to Relative Intel LLC, Federal Election Commission records show. Relative Intel offers protection services, training and consulting.

“Our leadership has spent over 25 years embedded in the private security industry across the United States and abroad,” Relative Intel’s website states. “We offer quality and precise solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. In addition to site security and executive protection, we offer high value package transport, private intelligence analysis, and a broad range of training.”

The lawmaker’s most recent payments are the most her campaign has spent for those services in any given quarter. Prior to the third quarter, her campaign dished out $83,000 in private security funds between May 2019 and July 2022, federal filings show.

Her security expenditures came amid calls by her to defund the Minneapolis Police Department; the city is in her congressional district.

Fox News adds:

Following George Floyd’s death in May 2020, Minneapolis’s violent crime skyrocketed. Last year, the city fell one murder short of hitting its all-time high of 97 homicides in 1997. And while murders have declined this year, many other crimes are trending in the opposite direction, including soaring motor vehicle thefts, larceny/thefts, carjackings, destruction of property and assaults.

Omar latched onto the ‘defund’ movement in the heat of the moment following Floyd’s death.

“The ‘defund the police’ movement, is one of reimagining the current police system to build an entity that does not violate us, while relocating funds to invest in community services,” Omar said just over a week after Floyd’s death. “Let’s be clear, the people who now oppose this, have always opposed calls for systematic change.”

Other ‘Squad’ members who advocate for defunding police have also spent a small fortune on their own personal security, including Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.).

In August 2021, she appeared on CNN and refused to respond directly to host Dana Bash, who asked her why she has private security but believes the police should be defunded on Sunday.

“I think what we have to look at is the fact that I made it to Congress in 2020, I was elected to Congress, and we are still fighting this same fight. We’re still fighting to save black lives. That was not – that work was not done before I got here,” Bush said. “This is the reason why I ran, was to save lives, to save my son’s life.”


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