'If You Think You're Safe, You're Not': Twitter Rant Warns Republicans Over Hateful Rhetoric Coming From Dems

'If You Think You're Safe, You're Not': Twitter Rant Warns Republicans Over Hateful Rhetoric Coming From Dems

A Twitter user has posted an eye-catching thread warning Republicans and voters who cast a ballot for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election: Democrats’ increasingly hostile rhetoric toward those voters is leading to something horrific.

The thread appears to be in response to recent hateful comments by Democratic leaders including President Joe Biden painting “MAGA Republicans” as enemies to the republic.

First, Biden.

During a speech to Democratic donors last week, the president of the United States — ‘Mr. Unifier’ — accused the 73 million or so voters who cast ballots for Trump as being engaged in “semi-fascism.” Then, Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York essentially told some 5 million GOP voters in her state to move to Florida. And speaking of Florida, the state’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Rep. Charlie Crist, said last week that he did not want the vote of any Republican who cast a ballot for his GOP opponent, Gov. Ron DeSantis, because they have “hate” in their hearts.

Sounds like Democrats are the real haters, and that was the theme of Twitter user GOPPouncer’s thread.

“In the last four days the left has pushed some of the most radical stuff that I have ever seen in my lifetime. I’ve always thought that @JesseKellyDC was doing a shtick. I knew him back when and he seemed like a sane guy in conversations. Now I know he is sane now,” the user began, referencing U.S. Marine vet and conservative commentator Jesse Kelly.

“They aren’t stopping either they are going to mow you down unless you learn where this is going. We learned that politicians don’t GAF about half of this country. Biden called 71 million voters fascist. They can’t define it, but you are one,” the Twitter user continued. “And if you think your safe if you didn’t vote for Trump or you did reluctantly, let me disabuse you of the notion that you are safe, you aren’t.

“Ask any leftist if you believe that abortion should be limited-MAGA supporter. Ask any leftist if you believe that your taxes shouldn’t go for someone else’s personal debt-MAGA supporter. You’re in our ‘basket of fascism’ with us,” the user added. “Lest you think the dementia patient was alone. Charlie Crist just told votes in a RED state, he doesn’t want your vote if you are a Republican or ‘MAGA’ supporter. Kathy Hochul just told Republicans they should move out her state.”

GOPPouncer added:

Last week the FBI raided a Biden Political rival’s home, and asked for justification it became a “National security issue.” He used the official WH website and a PPP database to shame political opposition for taking grants that the federal government forced them to take. 

So when they say he won’t use the increased IRS, DOJ or the FBI for political purposes, he lies. Pay attention to what he says, not what he does. Or if they want a federalized gun database. Want health paid by the state, imagine what they could do with that.

Continuing, the thread noted, “He increased IRS in the same week a prominent Republican taxes were leaked AGAIN. It only ever goes 1 way. He signed an unconstitutional EO which by fiat spent a trillion dollar[s] of tax payer [sic] money. The pandemic gave them unlimited emergency powers, & they have not ceded that.

“We learned that the FBI ‘suggested’ to FBI that they look for Russian misinformation a week before the Hunter Biden laptop story dropped. At the same time 50 ‘intel officers’ swore that the laptop story was ‘Russian disinformation,'” the thread went on.

The user went on to point out how the left-wing media spins events to make the current regime look better or at least not look bad before adding that cultural shifts are occurring at the same time.

“We learned that Ashley Biden’s diary was real, and that two people who found it in a place they were renting are now going to jail for ‘transporting stolen property.’ Has ANY of the press asked Biden or the Press Secretary about a certain passage in the diary?” GOPPouncer went on.

“I don’t know where this is going, but for the first time I feel fatalistic and scared for my children. This goes nowhere sane or good. They talk about right wing rhetoric leading to violence. Where do you think calling half the voting population ‘Fascist’ goes?” the user added, concluding: “I have been blown away by layers of things happening at once, but they count on your low attention span. Anyways follow @JesseKellyDC He’s [sic] was right about lockdowns, I was wrong. He was right about the vaccines, I was wrong. And unfortunately I think he is right [about this].”


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