'I stay in my lane': Goldie Hawn Dishes on Hollywood Stars Who Lecture Over Politics

'I stay in my lane': Goldie Hawn Dishes on Hollywood Stars Who Lecture Over Politics

Most Americans understand that Hollywood is filled with lefties who regularly genuflect to their Democrat donor filmmakers and producers in order to continue working, but some stars like Goldie Hawn still realize that despite political affiliations, their job is to entertain all Americans, regardless who they vote (or don’t vote) for.

“The Center for Responsive Politics reports that individuals and firms in the television, movie and music industries gave $84 million in campaign contributions during the 2016 election cycle, with 80% going to Democrats,” the New York Times noted in 2018 — so yes, the slant is real and pronounced.

Furthermore, in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, the Democratic candidates — Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden — received the vast majority of votes in Los Angeles County, 72 percent and 71 percent, respectively.

With that in mind, actress Goldie Hawn appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Friday and talked about all of the left-wing political activism emanating from Hollywood these days, and what makes it so distasteful to many Americans.

“I think it’s why it drives people crazy when Hollywood tries to act holier than thou and starts lecturing middle America about morality and so on,” said host Megyn Kelly. “And you know, these people sitting in Iowa who have never done any, they’ve never tried to put someone on a casting couch … They’re like, ‘You could save your lectures for somebody else.'”

That’s right, exactly,” Hawn agreed. “And the idea that … I do have a feeling about keeping — Okay, how do I say this?”

“A lot of Hollywood has a lot of missions, right?” the actress said. “And you know, you want to put your name onto something that you believe in, but it doesn’t make a difference. And that’s the reality.”

“I stay in my lane,” Hawn continued. “The reality is, is that if we want to do anything, we want to do it for all people, not just for a group or whatever.”

“What makes polarity even more is creating teams on either side of the aisle,” she emphasized. “And I don’t think that’s what we do. I think we entertain. I think we bring awareness to people, just of their ability to laugh, to have joy, to experience it, to cry. We are emotional beings and create emotion in others. And it’s in this case, I think we’re in service.”

The Daily Wire adds:

Earlier this month, comedian and “After Life” creator Ricky Gervais sounded off on Hollywood figures’ lecturing, targeting the Golden Globes, specifically, which Gervais has hosted numerous times.

Most people are completely done with the “lecturing” and “virtue signaling,” especially from wealthy elites, the comedian bluntly asserted.

“With all of the austerity and people struggling, they think, ‘Why are these people lecturing me? They’re going   to an awards ceremony in a limo and are telling me to recycle?’” Gervais explained.

“People just got sick of it, just got sick of virtue signaling,” he continued. “And they were like a beacon to aim their wrath at. … The people with nothing became tired of being lectured by people who had everything.”

Speaking of the Golden Globes, Gervais said that he would not be surprised if the 2022 show was the last, given the falling ratings over the past several years as more and more stars used the platform to push leftist ideologies.

“They’re trying to get through this and start again,” he said. “I don’t think anyone’s even been invited. It’s not even a ceremony.”

“You can’t predict anything in this world. They could come back stronger than ever and be loved again or it could be the last one,” Gervais added. “You never know. I don’t take anything for granted anymore. I just keep plodding on. And whatever happens, happens.”


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