House GOP Lawmakers Unveil Damning Case of Corruption Against Biden Family

House GOP Lawmakers Unveil Damning Case of Corruption Against Biden Family

A number of GOP lawmakers on Wednesday revealed damning evidence allegedly implicating at least nine members of President Joe Biden’s family raked in as much as $10 million from sources in Romania and China while Biden was serving as Barack Obama’s VP.

“It is inconceivable that the president did not know it, and the White House refuses to correct the President’s statement,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., said.

“The president is now using the federal government to run interference for his family and his own role in these schemes,” Comer added during a press conference announcing the details laid out in a memo Wednesday.

Several GOP lawmakers took turns at the podium to address the allegations.

“Every time we turn over a rock, there’s more evidence,” said Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., added. “This could be the most corrupt scheme in American politics, where a sitting vice president… where we saw members of his family,  nine of them so far, there may be more, that were enriched from countries all over the world.”

Lawmakers alleged that some 20 companies affiliated with Biden family members were set up after Biden became vice president in 2009, creating a complicated web of cut-outs and pass-throughs, according to Mace. She said the money was moved through a series of shell companies that she believes were designed to cover the Biden family’s tracks.

Those companies, including Owasco P.C., Hudson West III, LLC, Robinson Walker, LLC, and Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC, took in millions of dollars from foreign companies while delivering no apparent services, the Daily Wire added.

Comer said that the committee has uncovered evidence of payments totaling $1 million from Romania to the Biden family while Joe Biden was working on Romanian issues as vice president. He also claimed that the committee has discovered millions of dollars sent to the Bidens from various Chinese companies, passing through multiple banks, in what he described as a complex web designed to conceal the transfers.

“The transactions in Romania and China show related but separate issues identified by the Committee that raise serious questions about financial disclosures and risks to national security,” Comer’s 36-page memo claimed.

Comer released the memo before the news conference detailing the alleged setup of over 20 companies by the Biden family to receive foreign funds, potentially for policy influence. The committee subpoenaed records from four banks associated with “specific individuals and companies that engaged in business activities with Biden family members and their business associates,” according to the memo.

The GOP lawmakers also alleged that Hunter Biden leveraged his family name to arrange a meeting in 2016 between a Serbian politician vying for the position of United Nations Secretary-General and Colin Kahl, then the national security advisor to the vice president.

The Daily Wire noted further:

Rep. Jim Jordan, (R-OH), said the committee has reviewed nearly 200 Biden family-linked Suspicious Activity Reports, bank-generated documents compiled to flag dubious international transactions. The Biden Department of Treasury initially blocked the committee from receiving the reports.

Comer again said his committee “plans to gather additional bank records in the near future and continue following the money trail” as part of its commitment to “rooting out fraud, waste, and abuse that exist at the highest level of the federal government.”


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