House Democrats Introduce Measure to Pack Supreme Court

House Democrats Introduce Measure to Pack Supreme Court

Making good on yet another of their extreme left-wing pledges, a group of House Democrats are pushing to pack the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to reports on Tuesday, the measure would add four additional justices to the high court bench, all of which, of course, would be filled during Joe Biden’s tenure with like-minded lefties like his last pick, Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson.

The American Wire reports:

After dusting off a year-old piece of legislation, members of the Democrat-controlled Congress held a press conference Monday to renew their radical push for court-packing declaring, “We were in control, let’s act like it.”

In April 2021, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) introduced the Judiciary Act of 2021, setting out to make one change to Section 1 of title 28, United States Code. Instead of accounting for eight associate justices in addition to the chief justice of the Supreme Court, Johnson and his co-sponsors, N.Y. Democratic Reps. Jerry Nadler and Mondaire Jones sought to expand the court to a total of 13 justices.

With the support of the progressive Take Back the Court Action Fund and ready-made signs pulled out of storage, Johnson was flanked by other left-wing ideologues as he attempted to twist the meaning of “packing” to include the process of filling vacancies on the bench.

“#Republicans have been packing the #SCOTUS with radicals willing to destroy its own legitimacy with hyper-partisan decisions that are burning down decades of precedent and progress in this country. I introduced the #JudiciaryAct because the time to #ExpandtheCourt is now!” Johnson noted on Twitter.

Supporting the bill are Democratic Reps. Mark Takano (CA), Andy Levin (MI), Jan Schakowsky (IL), Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ), Rashida Tlaib (MI), Sheila Jackson Lee (TX) and Jones who were joined by Sen. Ed Markey (MA).

The nightmare scenario of GOP court-packing is already upon us. That’s how they got this far-right 6-3 majority in the first place,” Jones complained, harkening back to then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to bring President Obama’s third high court pick, then-Judge Merrick Garland, up for hearings, let alone a vote, because it was the final year of Obama’s second term.

That said, the Constitution only requires that the Senate must give its “advice and consent” for presidential federal court and Supreme Court nominees; it does not say the Senate must move forward on all nominations. Obama, a former U.S. Senator, knew that but politicized the decision anyway. And as it turns out, McConnell’s instincts about Garland were right on: He’s no ‘moderate,’ he’s just another left-wing hack as evidenced by his steep politicization of the Justice Department.

As for this bill, there is practically zero chance it will pass since it isn’t likely to garner anywhere near the 60 votes needed to overcome the Senate filibuster. But that said, it’s not likely as well that even 50 of the chamber’s 100 members would pass it by simple majority, as a few Democratic senators are well aware that Republicans will turn around and add more when they regain control. And that will cheapen — as in destroy — trust in one of the last remaining American institutions.


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