Judge Rules that Honking Is Illegal in Ottawa; Canadian Truckers Respond with Honking

Judge Rules that Honking Is Illegal in Ottawa; Canadian Truckers Respond with Honking

What do you get when you ban honking at a truckers’ protest? More honking. That was the case, at least, in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa on Monday.

After news that Ontario Supreme Court Justice Hugh McLean granted a 10-day injunction to stop truckers on the foot of the country’s Parliament Hill from honking “incessantly,” dozens of horns could be heard blasting throughout the city.

McLean made the injunction temporary due to a lack of evidence but said that the ruling was doable due to what evidence they already had. McLean had said that the blasting horns had infringed on Ottawans’ right for “quiet, if we can use that term.”

Protestors have now entered their second week in the capital’s downtown core, as convoy members and protesters fight to have Canada’s federal mandates lifted.

Lawyer Paul Champ, who is representing residents of the city of Ottawa in a proposed class-action lawsuit, said that the honking had caused harm to the city’s residents.

That sentiment was also carried by leftist Ottawa politician Yasir Naqvi, who said that the protesters were using “torturous honking” as an assault to residents’ ears.

“Members of my community have been harassed because of their skin color,” he said, according to The Post Millennial.

“They’ve been] yelled at for wearing masks, subjected to hurtful and racist symbols, torturous honking, and there are accounts of assaults,” he added, offering no proof.

Video shot by The Post Millennial shows what happened on the ground at the moment that news arrived that honking in downtown Ottawa would become illegal.

The truckers responded by honking loudly.

Along with the honking came the Twitter trend #HonkHonk, where supporters of the protest were able to voice their opinions on what the judge had ruled.

Remember when the soy-fueled left banged pots and pans out their windows at 7PM every night? Let’s get the 7PM Honk happening. Wherever you are at 7PM tonight, get in your vehicle and honk. Send me a video and tag it #HonkHonk,” said Independent journalist Keean Bexte.

Mayor Jim Watson also said on Monday that fines for idling would increase to $1,000 from $100. Additionally, noise bylaw infringements would increase to $1,000 from $490.


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