Home Depot Co-Founder Blasts 'Entitled' Generation: 'Nobody Wants to Work Anymore'

Home Depot Co-Founder Blasts 'Entitled' Generation: 'Nobody Wants to Work Anymore'

Bernie Marcus, one of Home Depot’s co-founders, ripped today’s younger generation of Americans over their values and work ethic, claiming too many of them have been conditioned to expect others to take care of them instead of working to improve their lot in life.

“They don’t want to work. Nobody wants to work anymore, especially office people. They want to work three days a week. It’s incredible,” he told Fox Business last week.

“How do you have a recession when you have people that don’t want jobs? They’re entitled, they’re given everything. The government, in many cases, if you don’t work, you get as much money as when you did work,” he added.

Marcus also expressed skepticism about fellow billionaires meeting in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss ways to manage the planet based mostly on so-called ‘woke’ ideas.

“I certainly don’t want to see the woke generation coming up, especially the leaders. I’m watching Davos, what happened in Davos, and they’re recommending spending more money on climate control when we don’t have it,” Marcus said last week on “Varney & Co.”

“We’ve already overspent. And if anything, climate control has caused most of the problems we have today,” he continued.

The Daily Wire added:

An analysis from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity found that federal supplemental unemployment benefits, food stamp expansions, child tax credit payments, and other benefits offered in the aftermath of the lockdown-induced recession could exceed $120,000 in multiple states. Even with the expiration of the programs, a more recent study from the conservative think tank found that unemployment insurance and expanded medical subsidies can exceed the national median income in nearly half of states for families with two parents and two children.

Policymakers and corporate leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, discussed the merits of a four-day workweek, even as the labor market suffers from a lack of available workers that is worsening inflation across the economy.

Though the speakers referenced a number of analyses showing that employees generally prefer virtual or flexible work arrangements, other studies reveal that the costs of such setups are not palpable for employers: 85% of business leaders say the shift to hybrid work “has made it challenging to have confidence that employees are being productive,” according to a study from Microsoft.

“We need leaders who are basically thinking about the shareholders and their employees, and how well the shareholders are doing and their employees. And I think today it’s all about woke diversity, things that don’t hit the bottom line,” Marcus told “Varney & Co.”

“I can tell you right now, after some meetings I had yesterday, you can’t hire people,” Marcus, an ardent supporter of capitalism, added. “The government, in many cases, if you don’t work, you get as much money as when you did work… And so you get this laziness, which you have, and it’s basically a socialistic society.”


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