Hollywood Bombs, Sees Lowest Level of Revenue in 25 Years

Hollywood Bombs, Sees Lowest Level of Revenue in 25 Years

Between insulting and denigrating at least half the country and producing uber-woke content, Hollywood is succeeding in decimating its own industry.

After Tom Cruise’s non-woke sequel, “Top Gun: Maverick” raked in $1.4 billion worldwide, the film industry earned a comparatively paltry $328.7 million last month, the lowest level of earnings in 25 years.

“It’s the drought after the feast,” claimed box office analyst Paul Dergarbedian.

“The good news is that September 2022 marks more of an anomaly than a trend, with September 2023 boasting The Equalizer 3, The Nun 2, and of course, in 2024, the next blockbuster installment of Deadpool,” he added.

September 2017 had $702.9 million in revenue, while in 2018, Hollywood films earned $670.8 million, and in 2019, they earned $698.2 million.

“With just $275 million grossed in North America to date, this will be the first September since 1997 with a monthly total of less than $350 million,” The Wrap reported.  “To date, the running total for September 2022 is 20% behind last year’s pace and 52% behind the pace set this month in 2019.”

The Hollywood Reporter added: “That’s not to say that September 2022 has been bereft of notable titles. The difference is that they haven’t transformed into crossover hits.”

Some of the most recent releases have earned tepid amounts of money, to say the least.

“The female Black-led The Woman King is the month’s top earner as of Sept. 29 with a domestic total of nearly $40 million, while Don’t Worry Darling has earned $24.4 million in its first five or so days in release,” THR noted further.

However, there isn’t anyone who defines bombing on-air than former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. After his program — and the streaming network featuring it, CNN+ — went belly up less than a month after its $300 million launch earlier this year, Wallace’s appearance on the main network tanked as well last week, debuting to around 401,000 viewers. Just 44,000 were in the coveted 25-54 demographic prized by advertisers.

Meanwhile, Fox News host and former GOP lawmaker Trey Gowdy’s show, airing in the same Sunday timeslot, brought in over 1.3 million viewers, RadarOnline noted.

“The debut of Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace scored a paltry 44,000 viewers in the all-important ratings category, RadarOnline.com has learned,” the outlet reported. “The legendary broadcaster’s new show on CNN premiered on Sunday and was only able to deliver 401,000 viewers in the 7 PM/ET hour.

“Wallace pulled in only 43,800 in the 25-54 age demo. To make matters worse, the program was down double digits across every category versus the 2022 average,” the report continued.

His first guest was former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, a liberal, who defended the court after its decision to end Roe v. Wade in June.


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